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How to prepare yourself for allergies indoors

We're all spending more time inside – here's how to make sure your chill out time isn't ravaged by allergies

By Time Out in association with Zyrtec and Allergy Management

Please remember to observe social distancing and good hygiene habits. See WA’s latest health regulations here.

Restrictions have meant that more of us are exploring the wonders of the great indoors. You're probably immersed in all the fabulous at-home entertainment, virtual socialising and quality pet time these restrictions have allowed us to indulge in. You're probably also keen to spring clean the heck out of your house as the weather warms up in spring and to shake off the dust bunnies of our extended lockdown periods.

You'd be right to dread the influx of indoor allergens the transitional season and extended indoor time brings. Never fear: we've teamed up with Zyrtec and Rhinocort to bring you some handy tips and tricks to help you avoid all the sinus-stuffing, eye-watering and itch-conjuring allergy pests you might encounter inside.


How to prepare yourself for indoor allergy triggers

What to look out for

Fun fact: indoor allergens like mould, pet dander and dust mites are harmless until your immune system decides to be a drama queen and overreact to them. When your body gets a whiff of these allergens it can release a chemical called histamine that sparks annoying symptoms like sneezing and itchiness. Luckily, Zyrtec provides powerful, fast-acting relief from indoor allergens. Rhinocort Extra Strength is a nasal spray that prevents and relieves hayfever and allergy symptoms with powerful relief from 24 hours. Your home may be spick and span, but unseen mould spores, dander from your pet and mites can be lurking in the air or embedded in fabrics waiting to provoke your allergies.

Tips and tricks: It's recommended you wash your curtains and bedding regularly, as that is where dust mites lurk; vacuum all carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture too; and make sure your shower is well ventilated to prevent mildew and agitating mould spores from forming. Next time you feel a mid-clean allergy bout coming on you can take Zyrtec for super-fast relief. Take Rhinocort ahead of time for prevention and relief so you can be prepared and clean with control and confidence.

Relaxing and entertaining

Spending more quality time chilling out and having mates over to your home can be impinged upon by allergies. If you're planning an elaborate dinner party or ordering big for a social pizza fest at home, you'll want to make sure your pesky allergies don't flare up once your guests arrive. But if your idea of relaxation involves more of a fragrant bubble-filled tub, a glass of wine and a muscle tension-relieving playlist of soothing songs you're also at risk of an allergy interruption. Having a Zyrtec on hand is a fab idea for fast-acting relief when the allergies strike, letting you get back to your hangout or luxe bath in no time. And Rhinocort is a great choice for relieving the pesky symptoms that can keep arising when you're bumming around the house – letting you binge some telly and chill in peace.

Tips and tricks: Mould loves nothing more than a moist environment so to avoid spores swirling around while you're trying to unwind in the tub make sure you scrub your bathroom surfaces thoroughly and all potential leaks are accounted for. And if you're tackling the big clean-up after having mates over, remember to clean your sink, seal your leftovers properly and do the dishes sooner rather than later.


Playing with pets

More time at home also means our beloved furry friends get more of our undivided attention. It also unfortunately means we're more likely to encounter the pet dander that can trigger allergies around the house. Pet dander can settle in carpets and soft furnishings without us knowing. Keep your play time with your pooch or puss uninterrupted with the dual action Rhinocort spray that provides prevention and relief of allergies. Use Zyrtec for fast relief of allergy symptoms so you can get back to your game of tug or precious pats as quickly as possible.

Tips and tricks: People often think that it's pet fur that causes allergies, it's actually the proteins from their saliva and dead skin cells that sticks to the fur that does it. The best way to sustainably minimise dander exposure is to give your furry friend a frequent bath. Or you could avoid any sort of pet based labour at all and make someone else deal with all the stinky and sticky stuff – you're the allergy sufferer after all!

Home projects and DIY

If you've been planning some major renovations or are keen to pick up a crafty hobby now's the perfect time. Moving stuff around your house or concentrating on an elaborate project inside can shake up the allergens in your home Take control of your allergies with Rhinocort Extra Strength, its powerful prevention and relief for 24 hours allows you to get to your DIY dreams uninterrupted. If allergies hit while you're rows deep into your knitting or seconds away from finally putting up that bedazzled shelf you've been planning for the bathroom pop a Zyrtec for fast-acting relief from symptoms.

Tips and tricks: Dust is not our friend. It's one of the most common reasons for household allergies and, it pains us to tell you, a lot of your body's agitated reactions actually come from the droppings of dust mites. Try not to think about that too much and instead build a comprehensive plan to rid your house of dust before and after you undertake a home project. If you're redecorating, it's a fantastic time to give your curtains, rugs or any soft furnishings another clean. And if you're embarking on any manner of DIY, consider vacuuming and dusting up the wazoo first. Cleanliness is your best defense against allergies. 


So enjoy your time at home without being bugged by allergies. Your next TV binge sesh or redoing your kitchen doesn't have to be ruined by allergies with Rhinocort Extra Strength and Zyrtec and a little bit of inside insight.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist talk to your health professional.


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