Bike Music Fest: Unchained

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Bike Music Fest: Unchained
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Bike Music Fest: Unchained says
One, chew. Chew. . . is this thing working?

We're dusting off a year's worth of cobwebs to bring you the next installment from Boom Box Bike.

This time it's bands, bikes, and bands and bikes at the same time. Here comes Bike Music Fest 3: Unchained.

Bike Music Fest is a mobile music festival with a cycle-powered stage, taking place over three locations and two live rides. When we move, the BBB house band fills the streets with more jam than the CWA.

To ensure the fun, there are some important things to keep in mind:
- Lights, locks and lids (helmets). We wrap up around dark, the cops are around, and we want everyone home safe afterwards.
- Ride responsibly, ride predictably, and be aware of the people around you.
- Leave no rubbish. Zero. If it fitted in your bag before, it'll fit back in after you've consumed its contents.
- While kids are welcome, they're not very good at looking after themselves. We don't look after them either. Be responsible for your children, especially on the roads.
- And, as always, no dickheads.

BBB is an entirely independent. That means we don't take money from corporations or governments to bring you events. We are totally funded by our donations tins, which pays for equipment, materials, and some hospitality for the bands. We ask that you put $10 in the tin. That's about the same as a pint at the pub, and enough to keep BBB bringing you new events.

If you haven't got a bike, don't stress. The live ride moves pretty slowly, and you can probably keep up with a good powerwalk. Skateboards, scooters and other non-motorised wheeled contraptions welcome.

Bring a car and you'll miss the best bits, miss the point, and drastically lower our opinion of you and your kind.

Much Love
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By: Boom Box Bike

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