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Cartography Now   Negotiating Space
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Cartography Now Negotiating Space says
Negotiating the space between your left arm and a fellow bus passenger’s right thigh. Shifting boundaries that see the reclamation of nature strips as veggie gardens and back to council grass. Who can spend time in informal spaces such as an overgrown corner block. And where should homeless spend their days and nights?

Maps give us an impression of stability and can empower understanding of an area. However, if all of history’s maps were stacked and manoeuvred like a flipbook, one would experience an overwhelming sensation that Nothing Is Really As It Seems. As Leonie Sandercock puts it, “we live within landscapes of difference” (Mongrel Cities, 2003) where a huge variety of cultural groups, cliques, congregations and cartels must strut, tap and tango on the same dance floor.

When Captain Cook proclaimed “Terra Nullius,” a problematic vision of land ownership in Australia began. A space for refugees is considered and reconsidered while micro-nations such as Hutt River (WA) are geniuses of negotiating space until sovereignty is declared and they can become monarchs of their own wheat farm.

Local artists consider the theme of “Negotiating Space and Shifting Boundaries” for one night only in a multimedia exhibition at The Chart & Map Shop, 14 Collie Street, Fremantle.

Bar and live music from 6pm.

Breaking down boundaries between your eyes and ears will be:
Time Rich
Julian Silipo
Bullet Train for Australia (Sam Newman & Ben Aguero)
and more TBA.

Exhibiting Artists:
Felice Anderson
Jacinta Larcombe
Ned Reilly
Gabby Loo
Ellen Broadhurst
Sam Newman
Megan Baker - artist.
Christine Carino Alcorin

and more to be announced.

Poster design by Hand Studio

Curated by HotSoup
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By: The Chart & Map Shop

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