Didgeridoo And Solfeggio Sound Bath

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Didgeridoo And Solfeggio Sound Bath
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Didgeridoo And Solfeggio Sound Bath says
“GOOD VIBRATIONS” Didgeridoo and Solfeggio Sound Bath

This hour long session combines the spiritual power of the Didgeridoo, ancient Solfeggio Chimes, and healing sounds of Tibetan bowls, and Gong to facilitate a deep sense of peace and relaxation at a cellular level.

Everything in Nature vibrates, including us! Our organs, tissues and cells all vibrate at various frequencies, dependant on its density.

Sound is vibration, and has a profound effect on every cell in our bodies and because our bodies are at least 70% water, we are very good conductors of sound.

Sound and emotions are deeply connected. The instruments induce theta brainwave activity and deep relaxation, which is highly conducive to releasing stress and tension. It is a “zone” that allows the body to rebalance, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Limited Spaces.
$30 pp
Bookings: Please make a Direct Deposit into
*Email receipt and description 1408Sound to arooza_irani@hotmail.com
Spanda School
BSB 036157
Account number 587713

Benefits of “Good Vibrations”

Increased energy levels
Fewer headaches
Improves Sleep
Strengthens immune system
Stimulates Circulation
Promotes detoxification
Promotes recovery after illness injury and trauma
Deep Relaxation/meditative

Reduces anxiety
Stress Reduction
Improves confidence
Improved ability to relax
Improvement in overall “mood”
Better ability to communicate and interact with others
Improved ability to express emotions
Improves aggressive and anti social behavior

Clearer mind
More motivated in life
Better organisational skills
Improved attention span
Less likely to become irritable
Beneficial to deaf people as the sound/vibration is felt through
the body
Terry Pritchard is a Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Drum Facilitator, and a lecturer at TAFE in Health and Fitness. She incorporates Guided Meditation, Reiki and Sound Therapy into her practice and has been working in the arena of holistic health for over 20 years.

Michael Fuller plays Didgeridoo at various events and venues in Perth and has been playing regularly in Sound Sessions over the past five years. With a background in Sound Engineering he combines his skills of dancing, acting and music to educate and integrate people from all walks of life. Michael from the Nungar and Walmajarri people has designed a telescopic transportable didgeridoo and runs workshops for people in the community to create, design and teach the instrument. Together they create “Good Vibrations”
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By: Spanda Yoga School

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