Feral/Whipper Snapper/Mane Liquor Babooshka Barley Wine Launch

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Feral/Whipper Snapper/Mane Liquor Babooshka Barley Wine Launch
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Feral/Whipper Snapper/Mane Liquor Babooshka Barley Wine Launch says
An event over a year in the making! Say hello to one of the biggest beers to be produced in WA - Babooshka Barley Wine.

It all started early one Friday morning when the crew from Whipper Snapper Distillery and ourselves (Mane Liquor) made the journey down to Feral Brewing Company to enjoy what we thought would be a relaxed brewday.

We met up at 6am with none other than Feral's finest, Will Irving, who put us to work to begin brewing this very special beer. Luckily enough for us, the hard work was rewarded throughout the day with many treats from Feral's taps. After all this we were left with a big and juicy Barley Wine which sat in Feral's tank until it was ready.

A few weeks later we took part of the brew to Whipper Snapper Distillery which we turned into a spirit using their still. This spirit was then put into an ex Whipper Snapper Barrel Aged Moonshine cask to age which was later turned into the beautiful Babooshka spirit. After a decent amount of time the spirit was taken out and the Barley Wine was put into the oak to age for 3 months. Luckily for us the crew at Whipper Snapper kindly left in a fair chunk of the Babooshka spirit lining the oak that beer aged in. Essentially we barrel aged the beer back in its distilled self. Now let that sink in.

After all this we were left with a big, oaky monster of a beer weighing in at 10.6%. It has been left to age for 18 months in keg, this is one big and balanced beer.

Here is some info on the beer straight from Will's own mouth:
"10.6 % ABV 60 IBU. Malts- Pale, Crystal, Caramel Rye, Dark Crystal, Belgian Candi Syrup and Oats.
Brewed by a bunch of dudes with massive hogs. Aged in barrel for 3 months, next batch will be aged for a year yo!"

Only 4 kegs in total were produced from this batch. The last remaining keg will be tapped at midday on Saturday the 29th of April. A very special limited edition 500ml bottle has been made for the sole purpose of Babooshka. These will be available for purchase from midday onwards. As well as releasing this monstrous beer, everyone involved in Babooshka will be down showing off their goods.

Here is some more info ont eh release day:
Hood Burger will be slinging a Baboosha Barley Wine burger.
3 taps will boast 3 limited edition Feral beers
2 taps will showcase 2 cocktails using Whipper Snapper's booze

Stay tuned for more updates closer to the release
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By: Mane Liquor