Freo Beats Ecstatic Dance: Sunday At 10am

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Freo Beats   Ecstatic Dance: Sunday At 10am
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Freo Beats Ecstatic Dance: Sunday At 10am says
Music Theme: inspired by LoQi .... this Sunday's set will be a mix of recent 'house' from Europe, driven quicly to up tempo beat. :-)

Our weekly Sunday sessions continues ....
Freobeats - Ecstatic Dance invites community and co-creates safe and sacredly held open dance space. We welcome your dance as it authentically expresses and evolves through you. Our music sets facilitate meditative and trance states of consciousness. We do this with the intention of inviting connection to your life force energy, source guidance, and innate healing.
Ecstatic dance has taken off as a shared movement phenomena that creates communities as much as it unites them. There is no how-to or dance instruction, just a few simple rules. Most of these guidelines are universal for ecstatic dance events around the world.
1. Honor the space by not talking.
2. Regard the dance space as sacred and safe. (You can forget about being judged by others for how you move.)
3. Enjoy the journey. (If you can get out of your head about dancing and into your heart with your movement, you will have an amazing experience.)
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By: FreoBeats - Ecstatic Dance