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Hussy   Lights Out Diana Ep Release
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Hussy Lights Out Diana Ep Release says
HUSSY will not stand up straight, will not go to bed on time and will not turn it down. Our second EP, Lights Out Diana, is a brief look at the power of an extended adolescence.

There are songs about your lovers ex, your shitty suburb, your YouTube history, your latest tantrum and your "bad attitude."

Lights Out Diana is for anybody who ever got told they need to grow up, shut up, line up or shape up. It's a holla back to the unsettled 13-year-old in all of us still trying to make sense of the big (fuq'd) world we all share.

It also features smart chicks, sad chicks, heart-breaking, love-making, soul shaking… you get the picture.

Come celebrate the love with HUSSY on Friday 20 January at our favourite stage at The Bird – just 5 bucks at the door from 8pm!

Melt over the effervescent, velvet tones of Hayley Beth, drunkenly twist & shake with Kitchen People and get Bells Rapids' catchy tunes stuck in your head allll night.

Also featuring:

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Reclaimed, spray-painted HUSSY tees!
CDs for your car!
Cool, fun packages!
Picks featuring our dogs!
Heaps of fun stuff!

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