Long Wknd Wa Day Eve!

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Long Wknd Wa Day Eve!
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Matty S
Daniel Antic (Diesel)

Right listen up pussbuckets!
We're throwing a party the day before WA day cos one day just doesn't fuckin' cut it. It's the WA Day eve Long Wknd Special

We've got old mate Ben Cousins on the door so no fuckin' around or he will bite your face cunt. Legit.

Leave the VB and fruity lexia at home cos we have some serious piss and it costs fuck all.

A EMU tinny will set ya back 7 dollars,
they're even dishing out those vodka red bulls for 10 dollars. Drink it all or you're out, we don't tolerate soft cunts.

If that wasn't enough to get you fuckin' maggot then the you beaut Pavlich NG $5 shot will. Yeah. $5.

We've got you sorted all round, there's even a durry machine inside. Oath.

We've usually got an entry fee of $5 but if you rock up on your motorized esky or if you grab the password and whisper it into our door girls ear in the tune of the West Coast Eagles theme song I'll let you in for free for being a mad cunt.
(No eskys inside mate) Be early or we'll slug ya $10 entry after Midnight...

We're gonna start getting loose at 10 so you've got plenty of time to get shitfaced beforehand just remember you can't wear your fuckin' thongs, it's a club, cunt.

Last but not least we have the next gen bloody legends serving you all that trap and dubstep shit with a side of drum n bass.

Sunday June 4th Long WKND we opening the doors to celebrate our great state.
The WA Day holiday always takes place on the first Monday in June and is now the focal point for encouraging state-wide participation in the wide range of activities and events that showcase the Western Australian spirit and our many achievements. As a vast geographic area comprising many different urban, rural and regional communities, as well as being a very multicultural community, the emphasis for WA Day celebrations is on inclusion of all people no matter how long they have called themselves Western Australians.


FREE ENTRY PASSWORD: "Next Gen THIS Sunday long weekend WA Day Eve"


Bass House / D&B / Dub-Step / Trap / Riddim / BASSSSSSSSSSSS
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