My Greatest Period Ever

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My Greatest Period Ever
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My Greatest Period Ever says
With a heart of gold, a silver tongue and a steel trap like wit, exultant folk pop wunderkind Lucy Peach recounts through music and stories how teaching high school students about periods evolved from nuts, bolts, how to use a tampon, "good luck and have a nice life", into 'My Greatest Period Ever'.

This is the true-life reflection of how Lucy found inspiration in her own menstrual cycle to find a new way of life, unlock and amplify her creativity and produce the sophomore album that would earn her a WAM award for Western Australia's 'Best Folk Act'.

Peach is a Fremantle based performer as well as a passionate sexual-health educator facilitating workshops, women's retreats, conversations on the radio and pretty much with anyone who'll listen.

For a variety of valid reasons; emotional roller-coasters, excessive chocolate consumption, cramps, bloating, stained underwear, fear of attracting sharks - the menstrual cycle, periods and PMS in particular have a pretty bad reputation. But not for long with this period preaching songstress on the loose- she knows too much and wants you all to as well!

If you are a menstrual person, you'll have around 500 periods in your life, so get on board and discover how you can maximise your creative potential! If you know or love a menstrual person this show is for you too! IT WILL HELP YOU!

Witness the proof, the “pitch-perfect voice” (The Music) and a heart warming, eye-opening musical exploration into modern folklore and what it means to be or love a woman in the 21st century.
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By: Lucy Peach

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