Noize Maschin!! #57

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Noize Maschin!! #57
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Noize Maschin!! #57 says
March's Maybe-Melodic Mostly Musical Madness @ the Artifactory! $5 entry, Bar d'Factory $5 drinks. 8 acts! Marvellous

Lee Shoshana Rosenberg & Kirsten Symczycz - multiphonic-laden Klezmerian bass clarinet droning & spacious piano improv

Sage Pbbbt - shamanistic/ritual, solo unaccompanied voice, ultra-virtuosic, ultra-exploratory

Lana - dense synth/vox texture wavez

Opium - surreal ambient techno from Sophia Lewis

Meg Travers - NoizeMaschin!!'s own giant-hook-wielding stage manager puts down the timekeeping implements for a ranteuse set of sound exploration

Hayden Dalziel - exploratory guitar & electronic drones

Laura Halligan - sub-bass heavy acousmatic musix

Akioka - raw vocal loops and improvisation

Catherine Ashley & Furchick - complex harp extended techniques unleashed in tandem with the electronic explorations of Claire Pannell

This month has been curated by Josten Myburgh - thanks JM!

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