Speaker Box 1993 Featuring Jaymee Franchina

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Speaker Box 1993 Featuring Jaymee Franchina
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Speaker Box 1993 Featuring Jaymee Franchina says
Newport Wednesdays Presents

90s House Party 1993 Edition


WHOOMP HERE IT IS and Tag Team's back again, check it's records let's 93 begin!

When we weren't 'Dazed and Confused' we spent our time with a baseball bat wishing we were a Sandlot Kid. We watched Fran, the lady in red when everybody else was wearing tan and as Aussie kids we appreciated the 'Cool Runnings' dream to go to the winter olympics without ever seeing snow.

Before we return to our modern life let's live in Rocko's for a little while.

Speaker Box is our latest student party held on the first Wednesday of every month, slowly working back to the year 1990.

Enjoy all our usual Wednesday drink specials
☯$3.50 Middys and $6.50 Pints of Carlton Draught or VB
☯$7.50 Infused Vodkas
☯$8 Newport Spiced Rum Cocktails
☯ $10 90s Cocktails - The Spice Girl and George Costanza

Born in 1993?
Receive a 90s party bag on entry between 8.30 and 10pm.

Entry is FREE
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By: The Newport Hotel