Stage B Freediving Course. Perth.

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Stage B Freediving Course. Perth.
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Stage B Freediving Course. Perth. says
The Apnea International Stage B Freediving course is designed to give Freedivers further knowledge of the aspects of Freediving. During this course, students will be exposed to the physiology of the human body and how it changes during immersion. Students will learn techniques to improve their relaxation during dives and training. This will enable them to Freedive and train in a safe and proper way. Certification depth : 30m.

COST : $740.
e :
m : 0411 166 202

FRI : 8am to 6pm. SAT : 7am to 4pm. SUN : 7am to 4pm.

This course results in an international certification from Apnea International.

This Stage B Freediving Course will cover:
- Physics of Freediving .
- Physiology of Freediving. The Dive Reflex.
- Physiology of Freediving. Preventing “black outs”.
- Psychology of Freediving.
- Breathing exercises. Pranayama .
- Relaxation techniques for Freediving.
- Equalization techniques.
- Buoyancy issues for deeper Freediving.
- Safety equipment for deeper Freediving.
- Training static apnea. CO2 and O2 tables. Dry static.
- Training for dynamic apnea.
- Fitness training for Freediving.
- Planning an open water Freediving session.

Course Prerequisites
- Minimum age : 14 (with parental consent).
- Completed an Apnea International Stage A Freediving Course (or equivalent).
- Completion of enrolment forms and medical questionnaire.

Course Schedule
- Pre-Course : Online education.
(Access is provided after payment of course fees)
- Day 1 : Pool Training : static and dynamic apnea. 4.5hrs.
Theory sessions.
- Day 2 : Boat Dives. Freediving sessions. 2 x 1 hour.
Theory sessions.
- Day 3 : Boat Dives. Freediving sessions. 2 x 1 hour.
Theory sessions.
(This schedule is for general knowledge only. Times may change according to sea conditions and the will of the group)

Freediving Equipment
You will need to bring a full set of FREEDIVING equipment.
- Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Weight Belt and Wetsuit.
- The venue provider is happy to customize a package to suit your needs and offer a student discount. Contact Samson 0411166202

Price $740 Includes;
- Online education.
- Theory sessions.
- Pool training.
- Boat dives.
- Certifcation Card.
- Course Manual.
- Online Education.

Samson McAdam.
Apnea International Freediving Instructor.
m : 0411 166 202
e :
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By: Samson Freediving

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