Im Viadukt

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3 out of 5 stars
nelly rodriguez Viadukt, Zurich

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

This friendly restaurant hires adolescents with difficulties finding employment. Im Viadukt's food is market-fresh and delicious at very competitive prices.

Occupying two arches of the Viadukt, in an ambitious project of bringing a new and upscale creative vibe to Zurich's district 5, this friendly bistro-style restaurant hires and educates adolescents with difficulties in finding employment. The wait might be longer than in other restaurants and your waitress/waiter might forget something (just ask again). But these industrious, though unexperienced, youths always carry a big smile on their faces and try as hard as they can. Your wait will be awarded with delicious, market-fresh food at a very competitive price.



Address: Viaduktstrasse 69/71
Transport: Tram 4, 13, 17; Bus 33, 72
Price: CHF 30
Opening hours: 8am-midnight Mon-Fri; 9am-midnight Sat; 10am-6pm Sun