Pilsen neighborhood guide

As Pilsen gets more developed with condos, coffee shops and high-end restaurants, new and old residents try to create a common future.



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Pilsen gentrification

Can Pilsen pull off responsible development?

When gentrification works

Examples of Chicago 'hoods doing development the responsible way.

Mexican candies

Head to Pilsen for an eclectic mix of candies with flavors including tamarind and goat's-milk caramel.

Pilsen's best 18th Street spots

Explore the South Side neighborhood's busiest strip.

Beyond 18th Street

Notable spots off Pilsen's beaten path.

Tamale trek

One writer goes on the hunt in Pilsen for the perfect tamale.

Pilsen's affordable art

Head down south to find artwork that doesn't break the bank.

Talking to the Pilsen community | ¡Viva Pilsen!

Locals sound off about about gentrification, their favorite spots, and more.

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