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Where to find $1 oysters in Chicago

Don't shell out big bucks for the bivalve—here's where to get oysters for just a dollar apiece

1871 Oyster

Oysters may be aphrodisiacs, but we don't love shelling out a fortune for a dozen bivalves. Luckily, lots of seafood restaurants (and other spots) are making it easy, offering day-long or happy-hour deals on oysters (and, in some cases, other seafood as well). Plus, you can use the money you saved to splurge on lobster rolls. Here's where to get oysters for just around $1 a pop.

Where to find $1 oysters

Calumet Fisheries

A half-dozen oysters cost $6.60 and a dozen cost $12.35, so oysters are just over a buck apiece any time you visit.

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South Chicago

Devon Seafood Grill

Get oysters for $1 each from 4–7pm Monday–Friday and 3–9pm on Sundays. Plus, there's a late-night deal: Get oysters for $1 Monday–Thursday from 9–10pm and 9–11pm on Friday and Saturday.

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Gold Coast

Fish Bar

Get oysters for $1.50 each all day Sunday, or for $1 Monday–Thursday from 9–11pm.

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Hubbard Inn

Tuesday from 4–7pm, Hubbard Inn offers $1 oysters (plus $2 shrimp or lobster cocktail, $2 scallop crudo and $2 king crab legs).

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River North
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