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'Joseph Cornell: Wanderlust' at Royal Academy of Arts: a preview

Although he never ventured beyond New York State, the American artist Joseph Cornell (1903-72) toured the world, travelled across time, encountered different cultures and even embarked on space expeditions. All through his intriguing and complex shadow boxes – glass-fronted cases containing arrangements of the objects and images he amassed. 

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By: Freire Barnes

The Serpentine Pavilion: which is your favourite?

The task of transforming the lawn outside the Serpentine Gallery with a multi-purpose temporary Pavilion isn't an easy one. There's the pressure to think of something new, the pressure to think of something interesting and the pressure to not totally balls things up like back in 2004, when the Pavilion plans proved too advanced and too intricate to physically pull off. This year's challenge falls on the Spanish architectural duo SelgasCano, who have delivered a multi-coloured, angled Pavilion. We're asking you to pick your favourite Serpentine Pavilion from years gone bys

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By: Elizabeth Darke

Agnes Martin: a guide to Tate Modern's retrospective

The kindly old woman squinting into the camera doesn’t look like one of the most uncompromising modern artists the planet has ever produced. She looks like a farmer. Yet, Agnes Martin is in many ways the ultimate minimalist, a genius celebrated for quietly luminous abstract paintings that rarely deviate from a template of horizontals and verticals, and a cult figure thanks to the extreme, ascetic life she felt was essential to create them. 

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By: Martin Coomer

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Photography in London

Addicted to Instagram or permanently attached to your SLR? Even if your camera roll is totally empty, you'll find a way to appreciate London photography; we have the widest variety of styles in some of the best exhibitions at the most beautiful galleries. Find them in a flash with our guide to photography in London.

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