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Latest London art features

Get a broader view of the London art world with our collection of art features, exhibition previews and show highlights

13 snowy paintings in London

We can’t guarantee a white Christmas, but we have donned woolly hats and gloves to digout the most seasonal paintings in London and rated them in snowflakes for festive mood and that all-important X-mas factor. Go grab yourself a mulled wine, it's time to brave the chilliest paintings in town.

By: Time Out London Art

Sir Elton John: 'I’d rather have one photograph than ten Picassos'

It’s a little bit funny, but Elton John’s got a great collection of modernist photography. As Tate Modern picks the best bits for its new show, 'The Radical Eye', we ask the Rocket Man what fuels his photographic love

By: Eddy Frankel

The top 20 public sculptures in London

London is jam-packed full of beautiful art, and it's not all tucked away in museums and galleries. So much of it is out in the streets, waiting to be admired, touched and clambered on (don't climb Nelson's Column, you will be arrested). So we pulled together a shortlist of the best public sculptures in London, and then we opened the vote out to the public. It shows that Londoners love art, they love fun, and they love having sculptures available to all.

By: Time Out London Art

A big thumbs up? David Shrigley reviews modern life

Artist David Shrigley has made a huge thumbs-up sculpture for the Fourth Plinth. So our Art editor Eddy Frankel asked him to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to some important London stuff...

By: Guy Parsons

Tate Modern's Hyundai Commission: your guide to the Turbine Hall

This year, the annual Hyundai Commission for Tate Modern’s vast Turbine Hall has fallen into the hands of Philippe Parreno. As expected, the French artist has gone big, gone grand, and gone and filled the space with bio-reactors, helium canisters and loads of fish. Plan your perfect visit with our guide here – featuring exhibition details, exclusive pictures and a chance to win tickets to an after-hours evening view.

By: Time Out London Art

Seven things we sort of know about Philippe Parreno's Turbine Hall commission

The Turbine Hall has been filled with lights, screens, speakers and inflatable fish by the brilliant French artist Philippe Parreno. He sees his installation as a giant object made of many parts, all of which move and interact. But even though it’s all choreographed like a whacked-out art ballet, it’s designed to constantly realign in new ways. You’ll never see it the same way twice. 

By: Eddy Frankel

Win a pair of tickets to an exclusive view of Tate Modern's new Hyundai Commission

To celebrate our partnership with the Tate Modern, we're giving away 125 pairs of tickets to an exclusive after-hours view of Philippe Parreno's new Hyundai Commission in the Turbine Hall. The event will take place on the evening on Monday October 24 2016, including drinks and a talk with the show's curator. Enter our ballot here. 

By: Time Out London Art

Who's going to win the Turner Prize?

As the controversial Turner Prize returns for 2016, we asked bookies Ladbrokes to give us the odds on the nominees. It's time to place your bets, London art fans

By: Eddy Frankel
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Top ten art exhibitions in London

Fancy seeing an art show this weekend but no idea where to go? Well look no further. You can't go wrong if you head down to one of our ten favourite art exhibitions taking place in the capital right now.

By: Time Out London Art