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Until Fri Jul 25

  • London Zoo Lates

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    London Zoo Lates
  • London Zoo Lates

    © London Zoo Lates

    London Zoo Lates
  • London Zoo Lates

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    London Zoo Lates
  • London Zoo Lates

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    London Zoo Lates

London Zoo Lates

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Would definitely recommend Zoo Lates. Good atmosphere, with a range of animal shows hosted by enthusiastic keepers and all alongside a good selection of bars and food stalls.

Ideal for a chilled but slightly different evening out.

Jenny S

It was good fun, great atmosphere but a bit over priced if you get full price tickets (we got half price so it was ok) and a bit rushed for time.  You need to accept you won't see all the animals in the time plus a lot of them have a 8.30 bedtime. The 'extras' like the silent disco were fun and eeryone dresses up but food and drinks overpriced. If you want to see the animals I'd go on a normal day, if you want a fun unusual evening then zoo lates is great :).

Sonia K

If you have an evening spare in July - go to Zoo lates!

Its the best way to visit the zoo, there is no compromise in terms of the whole zoo experience, the best bit...everyone is tipsy, everyone is happy and its a great atmosphere to unwind and let your week just melt away.

Vishal K

It was like a theme party. Felt bad for the animals in the Zoo though. The vibe that night was amazing - So if you love to party then keep on rocking! It was nice fun after work and the good thing is that you are home by 11 so not too tired for raving on saturday night!

Caroline L

Way overpriced, especially as we thought the animals would be viewable until closing time or close to it - actually, you can see pretty much nothing after 9. I don't see the point in paying this amount of money to make the trek out here - not easy by public transport - to go to a silent disco or listen to a band. We couldn't get there at opening, we had to come from work - which took nearly an hour - so had less than two hours to see the animals. That's doing nothing else - there are a lot to see.

Go sometime you can spend the whole day, get your money's worth!


Really enjoyed it! Wonderful to have an adults only party among all the amazing animals.


Really good fun, but I do have one piece of advice: GO EARLY! We got there about an hour after they opened and were so happy and got so hypnotized by the lions (and spent so much time wandering around on the first couple hours) that when we reached the tigers (my personal favourites - that is, I thought they would be the highlight if I indeed got to see them) it was no longer possible to see them because, we were told, it was their "bed time". Between 8.30 and 9 it's no longer possible to see most of the (cool) animals, but you can still eat/drink, go to the silent disco etc. We didn't have this information when we got there and it would have definitely helped!

lucy orr

Went for my sisters brithday had a epic fun time in the sun stroking goats and people watching!


Zoo lates was fantastic - there is so much to do. We got up close and personal with a tiger that was only separated from us by millimetres of glass! As well as all the amazing animals, we also had some fantastic food (I highly recommend Indian Kitchen!) and had a great time playing in the play room which was decked out with some games that took us back to our childhood - think ball pool, giant twister, hula hooping and inflatable glove boxing!! Great night out - well worth it.

Alex Osipczak

This is a fantastic evening out at the Zoo! If you want to see more of what you can expect, look at this video I made went I visited one Friday evening!