Andy Zaltzman – Satirist for Hire

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Andy Zaltzman

Fans of hugely popular podcast 'The Bugle' rejoice! Co-host Andy Zaltzman is back at Soho Theatre with his 'Satirist for Hire' show. Email Zaltzman with what you'd like him to satirise, and he'll do just that. He's still probably the best satirical comic we've produced in yonks. He's intelligent, biting and silly enough not to take himself too seriously. A master satirist.

Event phone: 020 7478 0100
Event website:
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Sali C

I am a huge fan of Andy's I've seen him live twice and he never fails to disappoint. A brilliant satirist and apparently for this show you can email Andy with what you'd like him to satirise, and he'll do just that. Right, now to find out what is email address is lol.