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Explore the street art scene of this lively area of London, where work by local artists such as Banksy, Eine, D*Face, Sweet Toof and Pure Evil mix with international pieces. Photographer and tour guide NoLionsInEngland is an authority on the genre so expect to find some surprises, and bring your camera.

Venue name: Shoreditch Street Art Tours
Address: Spitalfields Market Goat Statue,
Brushfield St
E1 6EG
Opening hours: 10am-1pm; 1:30pm-4:30pm subject to schedule
Transport: Tube: Liverpool Street; Rail: Liverpool Street
Price: £15, under-16s £10
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Susan L
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Do not miss this incredible London experience!  Dave is the real deal. He is not just a guy who decided to give tours of Shoreditch Street Art, but a knowledgeable expert who has made it his passion to follow the ever-changing landscape of art in this wonderful area of London and beyond.  Dave is friends with and/or in contact with a number of the artists and is a scholar of them all, so that his information is both accurate and up to date.  He is terrifically personable, so that you feel as if an old friend is touring you around the city.  We were astonished that for the very reasonable price of our tickets we wound up with a three and a half hour tour!  We could have kept going for another three hours, it was so compelling.  Dave is out there every day, so he is able to 'discover' new art that may have popped up overnight or since he last walked a particular street. It was so fun to see his excitement when discovering a new work.

After the tour, we continued to explore on our own with the tools Dave had given us and uncovered all sorts of gems, many by the artists Dave had introduced us to and given us information about.  And if this wasn't enough, after the tour Dave sent everyone an email with innumerable links to articles, videos and websites featuring the work of some of the artists we saw. I'm still pouring through those. After our stay in London we spent a week in Paris and were thrilled to discover/uncover all the street art there, most of which we probably would have missed if not for our new found knowledge and passion for this amazing art form. Thanks to Dave, the streets have become a vibrant museum for us. We will never walk a city street in the same way. HIGHLY recommend this.

Jacqui F
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Just taken my son on this tour for a post-GCSE and 16th Birthday treat. We were both blown away by it. Dave, the guide, has clearly done this tour 100s of times but his passion for the very dynamic and ever evolving street art scene remains undiminished- he was almost as excited as we were. He is incredibly knowledgable, has a great style of delivery and, later that evening -when the rest of us foot-sore tourists were enjoying a post-tour glass of wine- he sent out a completely bespoke and comprehensive email including links to almost all the various art and artists that we had seen that afternoon. I cannot rate this tour highly enough. If I could have given it 6 I would've done!

André N
1 of 1 found helpful

Dave is a devoted man. His knowledge is impressive, his talking passionate.  The tour is a must see thing for anyone who enjoys any kind of art expression.

Liya Z

If you come to London you HAVE TO do this tour! Not only because you discover things you normally wouldn't notice but also you'll get immersed into the world of street art that makes you want to know more.

Very exciting experience, highly recommend it!

Christoph K

It was a really great tour (yesterday). Now my eyes are more open for street art and I feel my interest in this is rising (today I was out again for taking fotos).

Fred B

I live just round the corner from Shoreditch but never truly appreciated the brilliant works of street art the area has to offer till I went on the tour. Dave the tour guide is a brilliant individual and so enthusiastic about everything you see on the tour, and he has a  great wealth of knowledge which really helps you instantly become interested about all he talks about. Me and my girlfriend can't recommend this tour enough!

Efthymios E

Most amazing thing I did in London when I was there last week. Dave is an expert in street art and graffiti, this tour lasts almost 4 hours and it is totally worth it. He is very knowledgeable and passionate and he will show you things that even if you go by this neighborhood regularly you wouldn't notice.

Nic F

The Shoreditch Street Art Tour was an amazing experience through the cultural epicentre of Urban Art, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone visiting London (or even locals) whether for a short time or a long time. 

Dave's knowledge, attention to detail, and hospitality was a highlight. Even the email sent after the tour with follow up information and links was a perfect way to wrap up the day. 

A must do tour - even if you are not into art. A great way to get a feel for the history of Shoreditch and East London. Definitely recommended!!

Talia L

Amazing tour with the best guide. Dave is an expert, most knowledgeable and interesting. He knows every line and image on the walls (including those who were added a day before), he personally knows Street Atrists and is updated to the minute. He is pleasant and attentive and very professional at the same time. And not only during the 31/2 hours' tour, but also by sending more information to everyones e-mails ...

Thanks Dave ✌️ I most highly recommend the trip with Dave as the guide

Natalia P

Coming into the tour, I did not know much about street art, it's history, or details about its significance. Dave did an amazing job of explaining everything in a way that was easy to follow, and by the end of the tour I even found myself making my own connections between different artists, artistic patterns, and political themes. Dave is extremely well-informed about the culture, himself even knowing many of the artists personally. In fact, we got to meet some incredibly influential artists, ourselves on the tour! We were lucky to have such an incredibly well-informed and connected guide. Strongly recommend to anyone hoping to expand their knowledge about street art culture, novice or experienced! 

Krystian W

A short 4 day visit to London with three friends. Dave's tour, my friends and I agree, was the highlight of our trip. Dave is the link that connects the unknowledgeable everyday person to the fascinating complexities of the street art world. The art that you see tagged around the structures of London(and other street art hotspots around the world) no longer are mundane scribbles, but become an inspiring story. Dave is personally acquainted with many of the artists which gives him a unique insight into the installations you will see. On our tour, we even ran into two of today's most famous street artists(Stik and Eine)! We cannot thank Dave enough for this experience. I can't think of any other place to find something like this. It's a hidden gem. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who would like to experience something outside of the norm of travel. It will change the way you see the cities you still have yet to visit.

Phoebe M

I have just been on Dave's tour this morning. I can't stop thinking about everything he told us and all the stories about walls I walk past every day and completely take for granted. This isn't just a tour for tourists. All Londoners should go on this tour to appreciate the outdoor gallery that we walk through on our daily commute!

Angela M

An excellent tour. Dave was knowledgable and very attentive, which is why offering small group tours is so important. He made sure we got great shots and pointed out art we would never have noticed without him. He has inspired us to continue using manual mode to experiment with the effects we can get. Highly recommend.

Jess M

It felt like Dave gave us the pulse of London's street culture life. A wonderfull afternoon.

Best regards

jess from norway

Marta G

I had the best of times looking at street art wonderfully explained by Dave. I wish all my art teachers had been so knowledgeable and passionate as him. Thank you, Dave, for a wonderful morning.

Will B

Dave's the man! As an artist from New York, it was cool to get a deeper look into the London street art and grafitti scene... The guy is fucken street art encyclopedia! If you're lucky, he'll recognize an artist on the street and introduce you.

Philip M

The night photography tour was definitely worth every penny. Not only is Dave a  knowledgeable guide in street art, but is also a good photography. We where taken to places where I felt perfectly safe, but may have not gone there by night myself. Dave also showed me controls on my camera that I didn't know.
Anyone who want to do a different type of night photography or just get pictures of the street art I would highly recommend this tour.
I will certainly be back again before the end of the winter.

Jennifer K

DAVE FOR PRESIDENT! The tour was the highlight of our visit in London. It renewed our passion for street at and graffiti writing. Dave's knowledge is deeeeeeeeep. He connected us directly to the pieces throughout the neighborhood. I've never seen such a densely covered area of art. It was unreal. Book your spot on the tour early and often.

Phil C

This tour is excellent.  Dave really knows his stuff, and knows some of the artists too.  We bumped into one and were introduced to her on the tour and saw her at work. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Lise M

Great way to re-discover Shoreditch! If you always wanted to know more about street art in London, just follow Dave in one of his 4 hours tours. He's a very accessible and passionate guide who loves to share his knowledge about street arts. He has been exploring the streets of Shoreditch for years and he knows most of the local artists. You'll see Shoreditch as you've never seen it before. During our tour, we saw some great street arts, identified stickers on lampposts and walls, talked about the difference between street arts and graffiti, about the various artists, their influences and techniques. We also found some brand new art and it was great to see Dave as excited than us to discover new paintings. My friends and I didn't see the time fly and we could have listened Dave talking about street arts all day long. 

Dalia D

This is easily the most comprehensive street art tour I've been on, and considering it's about 4 hours long, it was a very decent price. Whether you've a faint interest in street art and graffiti and its culture or are a knowledgable fan, you'll learn something new from street art scholar Dave, whose enthusiasm for London's concrete canvas makes this a lively, insightful tour.

You'll learn about the myriad techniques street artists use, the history of certain pieces and might even discover fresh work that's still wet! You’ll see works by some of the most famous local and international names in street art, including D*Face, Eine, Mr Cenz, Roa, Ronzo and, of course, Banksy.

You get to rest your legs for a bit in a local coffee shop before heading off again, winding through Shoreditch's back roads and off the beaten track to discover gems you might not otherwise have known existed – especially as many get replaced/painted over so quickly and often.

The tour doesn’t end on the streets – after, Dave sends an equally thorough email with hundreds (nearly) of links to reviews, videos and photos on the various artists and artworks we’d seen through the day, and many more. It’s a fascinating experience and worth every penny. Definitely not one to miss if you want a real insight one of the most impressive street art collections anywhere in the world.

Pip J

This was the most fascinating, interesting, truly awesome trip! I took two children and we loved every second. Amazing insight into street art and graffiti I will never see London streets and lampposts in the same way! Dave was a phenomenal guide.

Claudia S

Dave was great. We had a great tour of Shoreditch. Dave opened our eyes to this kind of art. After the tour we realized all of a sudden everywhere street art. This tour with Dave is only to recommended.

Ulla S

Dave is an absolutely passionate tour guide who knows loads in his field. You won´t be bored for a minute as you pay a huge variety of older and up-to-date street art a visit. Am definitely going to revisit this tour and recommend it to my friends as a genuine London experience.

Anne C

David is passionate and made time fly by. His knowledge is impressive. We discovered many hidden pieces of art, including masks and scultures stuck on walls!

The Man on the Street

I have to agree with all the other 5 star reviews. Just back from an excellent evening spent with Dave of Shoreditch Street Art Tours courtesy of The Time Out Card. From chewing gum portraits to classic Banksys the time sped by as we explored the backstreets that host quite amazing art and graffiti. Enlightening and entertaining  - Dave's knowledge is encylopoedic - his passion for his subject infectious. Superb ! 

Eve S

Would recommend to anyone who loves art! Dave really knows his stuff. I've learned so much about different street art techniques, differences between street art and graffiti, about the street art culture as a whole.. It was very interesting! One of the best things I've experienced in London!

Louise P

Our 24 French students loved the tour, Dave is a great guide, he showed us interesting pieces of art, spoke slowly so the pupils could understand, the teachers too thought it was great!

I will definitely take another tour next time I go to London!

Laure C

Very highly recommended! Dave is a kind, passionate, funny and hugely knowledgeable guy. Discovering street art through his eyes was an experience I am not about to forget. 

anne S

A must for visitors and Londoners. I learned a lot new things about my city. Dave is doing a great job including sending us a lot of useful follow up information

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