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Josh Kearns

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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>3</span>/5

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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>5</span>/5
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Venue details

  • Address:

    Gujarati Rasoi 10C Bradbury Street
    N16 8JN

  • Venue phone:

    020 8616 7914

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  • Opening hours:

    Dinner served 6.30-10.30pm Wed-Sat

  • Transport:

    Tube: Dalston Kingsland rail

  • Price:

    Main courses £10-£13. Meal for two with drinks and service: around £55.

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    1. Gujarati Rasoi

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vera o

We go there often for special occasions and were never disappointed.I brought many friends that know asian cuisine well and they were all delighted and had lots of fun to talk to the chef.

It seems to be a little superficial to judge from one time out there. It is not about design or the look of the waitresses, it is about truly fresh and mouthwatering food, presented in a creative and original way. We enjoyed visually and taste wise and will go there again and again to find more about secrets of spices. We had cocktails and shared many small plates and thought they were very reasonably priced. Try and you will enjoy!


As a big fan and a loyal customer of the Gujarati Rasoi stall on Broadway Market, I had high expectations before my first visit to their restaurant. Unfortunately the experience was some what disappointing. The staff are very friendly but the service is slow, in fact the couple seated next to us ran out of patience and left after waiting 15 minutes before having their drinks order taken. To our disappointment the food arrived cold and had to be sent back to kitchen where it was warmed up. The food is tasty, I cannot complain about it lacking in flavour, however the portion sizes are very small for the price. Our bill came to £37, which for one (small) main, two very small side dishes, bread and tap water, is more that I'd expect/wish to pay in most establishments. Sadly I will not be returning to the restaurant but will continue to visit their market stall.


Me and my husband are frequent customers of the stall on Broadway market and were very much looking forward to trying out the restaurant. Sadly we didn't fall in love with the food, the flavours weren't as tangy and exciting as those found from the thali and samosa chat that we frequently sample for a Saturday lunch at the market. The prices also came as a real shock, for vegetarian food in a closely packed environment it did seem very expensive indeed.

Richard B

The food here is five-star, never mind the Time Out reviewer's take on how well-organised the menu isn't. Seriously, I don't think I've had better Indian food anywhere else in the UK. Gujarati Rasoi have their roots in market stalls, so it seems a little unfair to take stars off for trivialities like this when it will serve put off people who only look at scores. Don't be one of those people! You'll seriously miss out! Mind you, you can't book a table and they're not open all the time, so I guess it makes it easier for locals in the know to get a table!


Wonderful food, I've eaten at a lot of Indian restaurants and this one is a real gem in amongst the try hard trendy hipster hang outs in Dalston, if its fill your boots then get yourself to brick lane. I for one will not see you there, you will however see me enjoying things I've never seen or tasted at a generic indian restaurant. For example, Patra, made with a taro leaf and spices, or the papri chaat. They really love what they do, and it shows, the food tastes great and its worth the money, which is actually reasonable. Good luck Gujarati Rasoi and see you soon :-)


Truly beautiful and authenitic Gujarati food served in cramped / cosy surroundings. My only gripe is the price / amount of food ratio. Mains are £12 which would be fine if there was a bit more food on the plate. Two flatbreads for £3.80 and a tiny dish of raita for £2.20 was absurdly expensive. Either increase the portions or reduce the price a bit - please. Nice friendly service though.


Great vegetarian Indian food - This is the real thing. No generic "Indian food" here!. I've never eaten Vagareli Rotli anywhere other than at home, Its tastes so good, so old fashioned, my grand mother used to make it. The food is really good, lots of detail, looks beautiful, layered flavours. The welcome was really friendly and service equally good. The price was good too.I felt satisfied having had a starter of Patra, my main was the vagareli rotli, mango kulfi for dessert and a masala chai. The place is small, but thats what gives it character, Its totally new york, small, lots of positive energy, modern with an open kitchen. There is a place for everything and my place to eat out is here. Eat with these guys as they are doing something courageous and genuine.


I do recommend this place The reviewer surely had a bad day. I am not sure what they were expecting for this place, probably another boring designer restaurant with beautifully presented food so that they can "discern" the flavours from one another. I think they should review the definition of "homely cooking" or maybe that's the presentation their parents used to take to the table back in their days... The food is great. It tastes fresh, healthy and homely. The staff are amazing. The venue could do with a bit more warmth, but it is clean and pleasant, and the prices are perfectly fine for the area and the level of detail, given that it is a family business. Overall, a great place to try out. Be warned though: guajrati food is mostly on the spicy side of the spectrum.


Love the food, great time had by all, in particular, loved the Papri chaat. What a treat to have this place in Dalston, i'm sure it will be booked to the rafters once the word really gets out... They are finally extending their opening hours - yes please!


Silly TimeOut. The food is really and truly exceptional, like Rasa was in the old days. I can't believe you gave it three stars, apparently because it's small and you found the menu confusing? It's not glitzy, but the space is lovely, clean and bright and really feels like you've stepped into a home kitchen. They were so welcoming, too, unlike most of the more hyped places in the vicinity. And the dessert. Oh my god, the dessert. It actually brought a tear to my eye. I am never eating anywhere else again ever.


The contrast between Indian food and minimalist decoration is already something interesting. Usually Indian restaurants are everything except minimalist. But be sure that if the colours are not surrounding you, they are in your plate. Delicious is a weak word to describe the dishes. They bring you back in Gujarat from the first mouthful. People were really lovely too.


The food was simply divine...Div-Ine. And plenty of eye candy too!! What more could you ask for?


A very welcome new arrival in the Turkish and new formulaic/opportunist saturated Dalston restaurant scene. The restaurant was a former print shop and is small, very small so make sure to arrive early to avoid waiting in the cold. Decor-wise the barrenness and unfinished look lends itself beautifully to the food. And the emphasis here is very much on the food and the cooking of the food. The kitchen takes up as much space as the seating areas, maybe more and serves 2 mains, 2 desserts and a handful of 'smalls' comprised of breads and appetisers. You get what you're given as if eating in their kitchen and this is a gift for the indecisive. The drinks list had Kingfisher beer, a gin, a vodka and delicious organic Sfuso wines in carafes. Our party, comprised of foodies, drinkers and carnivores (this restaurant is Vegetarian) tried everything on the menu and we all fell in love with Gujarati Rasoi. The starters were small in size and included fabulous light potatoey balls with a tomato chutney, the incredible spirals of colocasia mentioned in the above review. Fenugreek flatbreads kept reappearing at the table. Our mains were devoured. And the desserts simply rounded off a perfect meal. We will definitely come back. A lot.