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Venue says: "Pop in to Herman for authentic German bier! A week-long beer exploration from 22-28 February. Heaven! #LBW16"

Bow wow and woof woof for these delectable dogs – the best German tube-steaks in London.

The last 12 months have been the year of the dog. The hot dog, that is. Previously relegated to being a street food sidekick – the Robin to burger’s Batman – the hot dog has had enough of prancing around in the background with its pants over its trousers, and has elbowed its way on to the menus of sit-down restaurants. First there was Bubbledogs in Fitzrovia – a fine concept (champagne served with interesting hot dogs in a gorgeous space), foiled only by the dogs themselves not living up to the hype. Meatmarket in Covent Garden did a better job – but the burgers are better there. Only the bar at Hawksmoor in Spitalfields, with its knock-your-socks off chilli dog, really impressed.

All the above porkers have one thing in common: the US of A. Yup, if any of these prime sausages appeared on an episode of ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, their great-great-granny would have been from New York’s Coney Island. We’ve all been so caught up with the stars-and-stripes invasion, we forgot about the original wiener: the wurst. Until now.

Herman ze German, in case you hadn’t guessed, is a purveyor of German sausages. Its outlet on Villiers Street is cherished by sausage fanciers and the late-night commuters of Charing Cross, but is no place to linger. This, its first ‘restaurant’, in the beating heart of Soho, is really a fast-food joint – but its larger size and playfully utilitarian interior (part log cabin, part wet room – with planks on the walls, a painted concrete floor and a butler sink for washing your hands) has made it a place that’s comfortable enough to hang out in.

The sausages are imported from the Schwarzwald, and are sehr gut: high-quality pork (no ‘mystery meat’ here), juicy, springy middles and a proper ‘knack’ when you bite. More bonus points for serving them in proper bread rolls (as opposed to a US soft finger bun) – at HzG, you’ll get chewy baguettes.

Our ‘ze Wilde Bock’ had a bouncy bockwurst (smoked pork sausage) layered with ‘curry’ sauce (spicy ketchup, preposterously popular in das Mutterland), squidgy fries and crisp onion shards: a sort of Teutonic chip-and-sausage butty. Straightforward sauerkraut with no embellishments proved a suitable digestif; only the sloppy potato salad (with a good taste, but not texture) disappointed. But for a hearty meal in central London that won’t make you bleed through your wallet, it’s time to consider a wiener. The burger is dead. Long live the dog.

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Herman ze German says
Born out of a love of our traditional German dish, Herman ze German first came to life upon realising there was a distinct lack of our beloved sausage here in the UK. Having grown up in the Black Forest with an abundance of great wurst, we began importing homemade sausages from our trusted family butcher to sell in our local pub in Brighton. Fast-forward six years and after countless festivals, events, a comedy takeover staring funny-man Alan Carr and ze World Cup victory, we now share our passions with two (soon to be three!) permanent homes in London.

Herman ze German Soho is our first restaurant-style home with seated areas throughout and ze basement which is a perfect rest-bite from the hustle and bustle of Old Compton Street. With quality, authenticity and a sense of humour at the heart of everything we do, the menu is filled with the tastiest and healthiest gluten- and lactose-free bratwurst, chilli beef and bockwurst, all grilled to perfection served with toppings of choice including sauerkraut and onions, delicious salad or air-fried chips with a mere 5% fat content. The schni-po-salad offers up a tasty addition of traditional schnitzel-pommes-salad. However, it is our currywurst that is the real draw, washed down with a German beer, available on tap or bottled. We hope you agree 'our wurst is ze best!'.

With hundreds of HzG fans and a range of great tasting, fine quality sausages and sauces, we know that whenever you see a Herman, you know it's a proper German.
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Venue name: Herman ze German
Address: 33 Old Compton Street
Opening hours: MON - THURS: 7AM -11.30PM FRI: 7AM - Midnight SAT: 10AM - Midnight SUN: 10AM - 11.30PM
Transport: Tube: Leicester Square/Piccadilly Circus
Price: Main courses £3.25-£9.95
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Sarah R

Currywust at it's best! I don't think you can go wrong with sausage and sauce, can you? It is simple, but comforting, afforable and tasty.
There is larger seating area in the basement, which can accomodate groups larger groups as well.
A convenient spot to stop by after you had few drinks in Soho... or just because!

Paul C
Staff Writer

Now i'm not particularly one for German cuisine, I recently went to Berlin and had Currywurst - it genuinely was the curryWORST. But Herman ze German has completely changed my perceptions. 

I had the chicken schnitzel sandwich and it was glorious. It fell apart in my hands as the mustard and brioche bun combined to mush but the flavours were amazing. Will definitely be going back.

Chesca R

Sehr Sehr gut. This place hits the spot every time from the childish giggles at the phallic sign to the juicy hot dogs this place is great. The addition of sauerkraut and the pomme frites sides with ketchup and mustard are probably the best drunk food a girl can ask for. As the weather is getting steadily colder and wetter this is the place to pop into for comfort food to fill the sad space left by sunshine. 

Chris A

They were the best of times, they were the wurst of times. So said London hero Charles Dickens shortly after penning another beloved mildly anti-Semitic pickpocketing adventure. How could Charles know that, years later, the eponymous Herman would arrive in town, declaring this little spot of London forever German and serving up some of the finest sausages this side of the Reichstag. 

What more can one want for £6? Pop down a few marks on the counter and you'll be resented with a delicious tube of tasty German meat, crispy onions and supertasty curry-saucy fries. I'm only taking a star off because I got the aforementioned sauce all over my face on the train home from Charing Cross, which, frankly, ruined the journey of not only myself but those sitting around me.

Right this way, your table's waiting, as Sally Bowles said - not specifically about sausages, I'll give you that, but because she was in Germany at the time and would no doubt have approved of all this.


Lizzie W

Herman ze German is a small fast food chain in London mainly serving hot dogs - or more precisely German sausage - along with schnitzels. As well as the dead giveaway name the menu exudes German - schnitzel, bratwurst, sauerkraut and German beers.  Sausages (of which there are 3 choices all made in Germany) are either served in a bun, with a salad or with chips however there are a few combo deals; hotdog, chips & drink or hotdog with a few chips. I went for the ze Wild Bock Roll; bockwurst (smoky pork), curry sauce (you can chose the heat), crispy onions, mayo and a few chips. For £6 I was very impressed - massive sausage, nice bun, delicious crispy onions, a tasty curry sauce (I went for mild as I am a bit of a wuss) and chips with a great curry seasoning which I was also chuffed with! With Herman ze German, a hot dog isn't just a hot dog - they definitely are the best I have had. #TOTastemaker

Carly-Ann Clements
Staff Writer

Their chips are great, their bratwurst is smoky and juicy, and the restaurant is clean and efficient. It's a brilliant place to grab a quick bite or a naughty lunch. I would recommend getting the cherryade; it's pretty addictive.

rob g
Staff Writer

I love the look and feel of this place - and the wursts are amazing.... but the presentation and quantities vary greatly every time I go. To be fair, I know that the pics are always going to be a fair bit better than in an everyday setting - but recently portions have been small and loosely chucked on the plate. Time to concentrate on what you are good at rather than opening several more outlets?


Straight forward menu, quick service and tasty dogs.  Filled me up and left me happy on a number of occasions!

Charly Lester
Staff Writer

Good branding, and several aspects to make you giggle (including the logo!).  If you're looking for a decent hot dog in Soho, this is the place to go!


I really like this place and a good addition to Old Compton St. Has the no fuss self service of Mr Moaz but a little more relaxed and there is beer! Very good beer and at the same price and better quality than most of the bars in the vicinity. Mr Moaz might end the evening but this place is a good start with friends. Not a date place - you'll get dumped!

Enrico Pinna

Expensive but quite tasty fast food. Good German lager. We had two chilly sausages with curry sauce, two small chips and two halves of a pint which cost over £18: in my view, a little on the expensive side given the small portions! Yet, this is a welcome addition to Old Compton Street' s fast food venues.

Dave Herald

It's a hot dog - seriously - a hot dog. Don't expect some kind of Michelin star service and food for a tenner! BUT great quality wurst sausage, proper buns and an interesting mix of drinks. In and out in 10 minutes. Well worth a visit.

Henry Miller

Had high expectations (after reading all the good reviews) dashed at the first sitting. - half a sausage portion (made me angry) - French Fries were cardboard taste/texture like McD's and again a tiny portion. - salad was tiny and lacked style and substance - felt like I got mugged - went for a great Korean meal immediately afterwards to cheer us uo (even though we are both of small-medium appetite) The only positive was the beer on tap was pretty tasty as was the Wurst (but I want a whole one not a few slices!) So two measly main courses and one Beer to share came to over £15. We could have super sized for £2 extra each. Sure that would've filled us up with the cardboard French Fries, but in retrospect we were glad to leave. Sure that Herman would work much better in a street market or pub context, however they need to try a lot harder in a sit down to eat context. Avoid... unless you are a flatulent, drunk, Tory voting ,white, male, middle class, yuppy.