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An Honest Burger is distinctive. The beef is plump and medium rare, junk-free and in a glazed bun; the crisp hand-cut, skin-on chips glisten with rosemary-flecked salt crystals. As fast food goes, it’s in keeping with the utility-luxe interior.

The original Honest Burgers was an expression of the ad hoc, pop-up feel of Brixton Village Market, with its artisan shop and vibrant café scene.

This second, Soho branch lacks that ambience, but some things are the same: the flow-chart menu (more appealing than it sounds), the white enamel dishes and the tobacco-tinned receipts. The SW9 version is full of light, with its diners leaning back in their chairs to watch the passers-by, but in Soho – a few outdoor tables apart – it’s that little bit gloomier and less bohemian.

Though the beef burgers are the main attraction here - 35 day dry-aged British chuck steak from Ginger Pig topped with the likes of subtly pickled cucumbers, robust cheddar, brittle smoked bacon or sweet red onion relish - the other options are not to be knocked.

The crisp cauliflower, sweetcorn and shallot fritter burger, drizzled with coriander and cucumber yoghurt dressing, make a light, but satisfying veggie option, while the chicken burgers are ample and juicy.

Thanks to its prime Soho location, Honest Burgers number two may well be just as popular as the first one, but as the company continues to expand (as no doubt it will), we wonder just how honestly they’ll stick to the formula of the Brixton Village Market original.


Venue name: Honest Burgers
Address: 4a Meard Street
Opening hours: noon-11pm Mon-Wed; 11.45am-11pm Thur-Sat; noon-10pm Sun
Transport: Tube: Tottenham Court Road or Piccadilly Circus
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Misha M.

They have one of the best burger joints in London! It used to just be two locations, now there are a multiple places. I still prefer to go back tot he original HB in Soho. This goes against my all instinct to avoid chain eateries, but this is an exception. Their chips are super tasty, it's double fried so I have heard. I love that their menu is limited so you don't have to be indecisive, easy peasy. We once took a friend's bf there, he claimed that it was the best burger he's ever had. Bon appetit! 

Kirsty S

Forget greasy spoon, forget gourmet burgers,treat yourself to an amazing treat in the heart of Soho :)  I love the idea of even though it's a greasy burger, it's home made, fresh, clean and well, honest! Service was on top form, very attentive. Honest burger wins the award for worlds fasted onion rings out of the kitchen. Burger was great with a large helping of chips with it, the seasoning was awesome (more seasoning though please!! And less fried) and reasonably priced! Would totally recommend and return :)

Ioanna La

There is a good reason that I love Honest Burgers: the burger! You can hold it with both your hands up from its white enamel plate and enjoy every bit of it without everything collapsing after a couple or even a single bite. It stays there until the last bite. To me it's the best burger in London, if not one of the best, and you can enjoy it for almost a tenner, which includes rosemary salted chips! Great value for money, but be prepared to queue, I was lucky to have to queue only once. Their system is really efficient - you give them your number and they send you a link so you can track your progress on the queue while enjoying walking around Soho or having a drink nearby! 

Joss B

By far still one of the bet burger joints in London. The burgers are cooked to perfection and a good size, while the restaurant and staff are welcoming and friendly, one of the nicest spots to sit in at an outside table on the cobbled stones, it makes of one of the most relaxing spots in Soho

Staff Writer

The burger is tasty. The chips are very nice. The service on the other side is awful. It took 25 minutes to get our order. 5 minutes more and we would've stood up and left so it was a close call.

Better try a different branch.

Anamaria S

The veggie burgers are really good, crunchy and full of actual vegetables and the chips are pretty good too. I'm not usually a fan of veggie burgers even though I don't eat meat but I would definitely go back and have another one of these.

Samantha H

Amazing burgers, great staff and a monthly special!  Love the basic menu, no need to have too many options when everything tastes this great.  I would say definitely a top ten burger spot in London!

Sarah J Peach

It's all in the chips - as per the other reviews - it's the rosemary salted chips that make this place worthy of going to above all other Gourmet/bespoke/posh burgers places.  It's like a little roast dinner in a chip.  I had the chicken burger which was just as tasty and I am not a burger fan generally at all, in fact, this is the ONLY place to have burgers as all their food is gluten free, (perfect for celiacs by the way) and taste-full.  I hear great things about the onion rings and the beef burgers too.

Christopher M
Staff Writer

This is a man's burger - big, juicy and super fresh. 

On the rare occasion i allow myself a treat of this kind you must make the most of it. If you are going to eat on the unhealthy side you may as well make it the best. Naughty lunchtime work meal or hangover cure. This baby is your answer. 

Charly Lester


moderatorStaff Writer

Nice location, simple, cover-all menu and great tasting food. My boyfriend thinks this is the best burger place in London ... I'd still vote for Hache in Camden, but would happily return to Honest.

Eddy S

Sometimes chips a little salty. but the quality hear is epic. Love getting on the specials but the classics are top quality.

Alex Plim
moderatorStaff Writer

London's best burger by far. The patties are succulent but not sloppy, the fillings are deeply flavoursome and the rosemary chips are to die for – speak to anyone who's eaten at Honest Burgers and they'll tell you that those fries are unforgettable.

The vibe at all branches of Honest Burgers is laid back and friendly, with a buzz that's not overwhelming. You may have to queue, but it's definitely worth it – plus, they'll let you leave your name and number so that you can go for a drink until a table's ready.

All the burgers are outstanding – but if you're feeling indecisive, just go with the Honest!

Vincenzo I

The menu is a classic in very little choice but good quality food. The rosemary chips tasted great. the potatoes had a little of the skins on. Not salty.
I had the special burger which was a little bit spicy. Fresh tomatoes with the natural sauce ooozzing out. For me it was a good meal although as the place is so small. There is the feeling of the market, that has music piping out, lots of people around and then going into the resturant where i counted 22 places inside and out. So it was nice to be cosy and close but if you dont like this, be aware.
We did have to Que but our mobile number was taken and we had a link to find out where we were in the que. It was supposed to be an hour but did not feel that long.

If you want a great tasting meal in a small and intimate place with lots of people around. This is the place to go.


Just went to the new place in Camden. Had a cheese burger and a bite of the 'special' which my mum had. The burgers and chips were delicious, cooked perfectly, and the staff very good and friendly


Delicious!! Can't stop thinking about those chips.. Truly the best I've eaten in London.


Great burger and great staff! But I do think the Honest in Brixton is slightly better.


Very pretentious take out burgers and chips. My burger was completely uncooked (not medium rare as advertised). Why bother with the rosemary salt etc if you can't get a basic burger right?


Was obviously lucky as there was no wait and got served straight away.... Delicious burger and yummy chips! Friendly staff and great atmosphere! Negatives: colder inside than out! Turn the air con off!!!


I would really expect TIme out to note that one of the notable things they do here is cater for coeliacs with their gluten free menu... or should I say actually that everything is gluten free except the bun, which they replace with a gluten free option from WAG Free Bakery in Brixton. Complete with gf beer this place is a truely great find and this central London branch brings much more interesting options to coeliacs the world over.


Superb tasty burgers, loved the rosemary salted chips too. My daughter recommended visiting here on out recent visit to London from up North - so glad we did ! Well worth it.

Tom Irwin

Sublime burger, and a genuine contender for best I've ever had. Had a 45 minute wait for a table, but given that the place has just opened and it was Friday night this was perfectly reasonable, and the guy on the door was friendly and welcoming, ringing us when a space became available. There was a good, buzzing ambience inside, and while it was full it never felt too loud or cramped. The burger itself was on the smaller side compared to somewhere like Byron, but it was just right and the quality of the ingredients was superb - the beef was incredibly tasty and I liked that they cook it rare-to-medium by default rather than cooking out all the flavour, which is pretty standard in most places (you can ask for it to be cooked how you like however). I don't normally really think about the quality of chips - a lot of places seem to consider them an afterthought so they end up just average. These were fantastic though - I'd never heard of rosemary salt before but it's delicious, and the texture was spot on. A limited but quality selection of beers were on the menu - I had the Sam Smiths Pale Ale which complemented the meal very well.