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Lanzhou Noodle Bar

© Jael Marschner
© Jael Marschner
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© Jael Marschner
© Jael Marschner
Leicester Square

Watch noodles being hand-pulled and cooked to order, then tuck into bowls of nourishing soul food, Chinese-style.

This Chinese noodle bar near Leicester Square tube is cheap, fast and open into the early hours. The main attraction is the hand-pulled noodles, which are made to order. There are two types: la mian (which are stretched repeatedly and end up looking like fat spaghetti), or the dao xiao mian (where the dough is formed into a long loaf, then strips of dough are quickly sliced off the loaf directly into boiling water). These are served in three variations: in a soup, dry, or fried. The hundred-plus permutations include: vegetable with seafood; chicken or duck; pork, including pig's ear and stomach; and beef. Be warned that it's a humble place, and many of the other dishes – the ones slathered with brightly coloured sauces in the window, for example – are not the choicest of the options.

Venue name: Lanzhou Noodle Bar
Address: 33 Cranbourn Street
Opening hours: 10am-2am Mon-Fri; 10am-5am Sat; 10am-11pm Sun.
Transport: Tube: Leicester Square
Price: Meal for two: around £20.

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Daisy B

I liked this very unassuming noodle bar. It looks a little like it could be an awful tourist trap from the outside, but it  was actually surprising in how authentic it felt once we were inside. They make the noodles in front of you and the canteen style eating area feels nicely unfussy. The food that sits in the windows looks like it should be avoided, so we did and went instead for the beef noodle soup which was nice and spicy, with fresh ingredients. It was £6 for a huge bowl, which didn't feel too pricey, and the pork and chive dumplings were also hearty and flavoursome. Definitely not the place to linger for hours, but if you're looking for something fairly affordable, warming and good, that'll fill you up, you could do a lot worse.

Brett C

The noodles yes are quite good but nothing exceptional.   Better places nearby. 

Cheap?  Not anymore than many other places in Chinatown.

Why I wouldn't recommend eating here?  The service.  Rude even by cheap&cheerful standards.  And slow. Very very slow.  I had to wait half an hour for a bowl of noodle soup.  And this is where the rude comes forth: twice I asked about my meal and both times got don't-give-a-XXXX replies.  

So fast it ain't (unless you order from the gloopy hot counter).


Nice genuine chinese food: we have 2 soups, one with beef and la mian the other of pork and dao xao mian, very tasty and hearty ! I do prefer the dao xao mian, but the la mian are delicious too... As a starter, mushroom with salt and pepper are gently spicy: a treat !