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    Nakhon Thai 45 Westferry Road Canary Wharf
    E14 8HJ

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Sarah N-OC

I ate in the restaurant once and ended up with very bad food poisoning. I literally woke up in the middle of the night vomitting, had to go to the hospital the next day. I was feeling very badly for about two days. What's especially upsetting was when I called to make a complaint (after I've finally gained enough strength from my ordeal) the staff member of the restaurant who picked up the phone was ridiculously rude as soon as he heard i was calling to make a complaint. He even threatened me when I told him I'm about to make complaints to local health authorities about this saying (his exact words) "let's see what will happen if you dare to do that". The food poisoning issue didn't happen only to me. One of my neighbours (we live locally to this restaurant) had a similar incident once. Though she wasn't so ill that required a hospital visit, she was pretty under the weather for a few days. I am writing this comment hoping that what happened to me does not happen to anyone else. There are a number of very pleasant restaurants quite close to naknon thai so you are never in a position to actually need to eat there!!