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Patty & Bun


Despite seating just 30 diners at a time, Patty & Bun has – in less than a year – carved out a reputation for serving some of London’s finest burgers. All-day queues are testament to the fact that its amiable bunch of staff have the format spot-on. They don’t mess around with ingredients (British wherever possible), the menu is witty yet not contrived, and they’ve even had the nous to offer takeaways. From the restaurant’s start as a pop-up, the kitchen has worked hard to hone its dishes; sides such as skin-on rosemary salt chips show the care that’s gone into perfecting each recipe. The signature ‘ari gold’ burger is a generous patty slathered in a winning combination of ketchup and smoky mayo, before being sandwiched in a glazed brioche bun. More original is the ‘lamb-shank redemption’, a firm lamb burger strongly flavoured with coriander, chilli and cumin aïoli. Aside from the main event, the smoky-sweet confit wings were pretty special too. The atmosphere couldn’t be more laid-back: tables are bare, and tunes pump from a laptop perched on the bar. P&B’s reputation as the up-and-coming burger supremo might be justified, but the hype hasn’t gone to its head.


Venue name: Patty & Bun
Address: 54 James Street
Opening hours: Open noon-10.15pm Tue-Sat; noon-9.15pm Sun
Transport: Tube: Bond Street tube
Price: Main courses £7.50-£8.50

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4.1 / 5

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Bonnie W

London has really uped it's burger game as of late and Patty and bun is no exception with its brioche buns, succulently cooked meat and dont get me started on the herb infused fries! http://wp.me/p4bgzH-9M

Niki P

Over an hour wait for pretty good burgers, better than average fries and really weird artificial tasting chicken wings. Love a good burger, but not worth the hour wait in my eyes there are better spots in the city.


Patty & Bun do great burgers that the competition cannot match. The Lambshank Redemption is the best Lamb burger I've ever had. The chips are great and the Chicken Wings literally fall of the bone in a moorish, sticky BBQ coating. Definitely worth queuing for if you want the best burgers in London. There is a pub around the corner as well, so you can grab a drink whilst you queue up.


Ordered a Hot Chic chicken burger for lunchtime takeway. Very average patty. More sourish than hot. Bun was unappetising, similar to one that you just take out from a Sainsbury bun pack. Not impressed at all. Concluded that it is just an overrated joint.


Just got back from patty and bun,after having the best burger I have ever tasted.We had to queue which really wasn't a problem at all, nice atmosphere while we waited. Looks like there was only 3 waiting staff but the service was amazing.,quick and very efficient.I have to say the burger was absolutely delicious,moist and just the right amount of ingredients to compliment all the flavours. I would highly recommend it to anyone ten out of ten. Thank you.


The best burger I have ever tasted in London! Much better than Byron, Five Guys, and the likes. I always go for a Smokey Robinson, but cheeseburger is also perfect! They use British products where possible. The rosemary fries are really yummy too! I can't say it's cheap, they charge £8 for a Smokey Robinson (and a bit less for a cheeseburger) but if you consider Five Guys also charges you the same price for a really bad cheeseburger, I think it's definitely worth it. They also serve craft beers such as Brooklyn Lager. The queue is normal if you go at 5 pm in a weekday. Attention: Mondays closed.


After reading about patty & bun on here, I decided to give it a try. The place was busy and packed with tourists. The staff at the door was very polite and was trying to cut down the queue and offer a table asap. The place is a bit small and cramped. Despite that, everything is good. As soon as you start eating, you would ignore anything around you, and just eat. The smokey robinson is the best burger I've ever had in the UK and I am not a burger fan. The 20 minutes wait (in the freezing cold february weather) is definitely worth it.


I came here after reading the reviews and wanted to try the place for myself. I had to wait about 15 minites for a table but it was well worth it. These are genuinely some of the best burgers I've had in London (I recommend the smokey robinson!). The staff are excellent as well, really friendly and very speedy service. I can't rate it highly enough, go and try it for yourself!

Justin Berkovi

I loved the taste of the sauce in the burger. The patty was ok but in my second burger (I couldn't resist getting another one) there was a tiny bit of bone which was a bit bleeeucchchchch! But i quite like P&B. True the burgers are a bit messy and they should tidy them up but both my Ari Gold Cheeseburgers were pretty tidy. My friend's chilli burger and then chicken burger though were too messy just slopping all over the place. I really liked the Icelandic Pale Ale was lovely. The choc ice was stupid - was expecting something better, why is it NO burger place can get puddings right?! Shake Shack frozen custard here we come! So in summary the burger was very very tasty (I had to get 2) but the other burgers a little sloppy...but it's pretty good. And what I like is that the place has WINDOWS and LIGHTS (Take note ML)


People are stupid sometimes. But I suppose that's life. Patty & Bun offer up some of the best burgers in London (and I've eaten a lot of em) People in London just LOVE having something to complain about, its almost laughable. If your drink isn't chilled, why not put it in the glass with ice that you're provided with? SIMPLE. Patty & Bun rules.


Zo and Soap if you had actually asked the staff as I did, you would have found out that the VAT is not added onto your bill it is included in the price of the burger as many restaurants do, Patty and Bun just illustrate it, fair enough not the best idea because as it confuses some people... More importantly the burgers are banging! Messy and delicious, every mouthful is well worth the wait!


Disapointment - There are quite a few of these places in London, and this stands out in decor for me only. Toppings, whilst nice were to overpowering. The burger felt like an after thought. The Burger was so greasy that even the waitress apologised for it when she walked past. I have no problem with messy food, but this was not even enjoyable. a burger and chips for £11 then adding VAT on top is crazy. I would not rush back here and very disapointed as heard such good things


No other burger compares. I been to two other 'top' burger joints in london and this by far is the best. The staff clearly love to be there and hardly have to sell anything... They are all a breath of fresh air. i went to P&B on a saturday and even though the wait was long i felt like i was wanted and enjoyed every bite and minute. I'm happy to say i am one of the suckers who left with a massive smile on my face. Cannot wait to get my hands on another burger... Lambshank redemption next i think!! THANK YOU PATTY AND BUN!!


Really great burger was overshadowed by a host of irritations - the prices don't include VAT, so that's a big extra whack on your final bill - Oi, P&B THIS ISN'T AMERICA! Advertise your prices honestly! And their drinks fridge 'wasn't big enough to fit all the drinks' so only the beer is chilled. Easy solution... buy a bigger fridge. And I still don't really see the justification for not letting people put their names and numbers down in the queue and come back later, a la Burger and Lobster or Honest Burger. Aaand I still can't get my head around not including chips with the burger... all in all, it feels like you're being conned at every turn, which ruins the straightforward-just-gimme-a-good-burger vibe.


Been there a couple of times now, and have loved it on both occasions. The burgers are the best I've had in a long time, and the service is really friendly. As Bennyboy mentioned in his review below it is busy at peak times. But getting a 5 star review on this website may have had a little bit to do with that, and they seem to be coping pretty well considering how small the place is. Get out of the queue Bennyboy and let the less miserable people behind you enjoy themselves.


When I went, the guy serving was trying way too hard to be everyone's best buddy, the music and decor were painfully hipsterish and most importantly the burger was nothing special and committed the cardinal sin of having a rubbish bottom bun, which disintegrated quickly so it was impossible to eat with fingers. Oh and it was so ridiculously busy, people were queuing outside and it all felt shincter-clenchedly pressured and arch and the antithesis of enjoyment. Yes its fast food, but that should only apply to the speed of service. Dont believe the hype with this one, basically.