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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>5</span>/5
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Venue details

  • Address:

    Vagabond Unit 20
    Stroud Green Rd
    N4 3SG

  • Cross Street:

    Charter Court

  • Venue phone:

    020 8616 4514

  • Opening hours:

    Open 7am-7pm daily

  • Transport:

    Tube: Finsbury Park tube/rail

  • Map

    1. Vagabond
      • Unit 20
        Stroud Green Rd
        N4 3SG
      • 020 8616 4514
      • 51.569016,-0.110918

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3.6 / 5

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Georgiana M

As i recently moved to finsbury park i was very happy to find this place where coffee  is quite good. However staff attitude is just disgusting, ignoring customers, grimacing if someone doesn't  leave a tip. Definitely not going back there. There are plenty of amazing coffee houses in london, so much better than this particular one, and customer service does make a huge difference. 


Shame this place has absolutely no sense of customer service. Stroud green is full of lovely local shops cafes where you appreciate owner's commitment to make it welcoming and serving the community but this is not one of them..  We have been there and all we got was arrogance and staff completely ignoring you. 4 of them behind the counter and you feel like you can't even ask for salt. What makes a nice local coffee shop you want to go to in the morning is knowing that you feel welcome and not as if you are interrupting a bunch of rebellious teenagers... 


Good coffee here - black coffee styles etc V good - latte milky style coffee's good to. They also used to do large plunger filter tea's which were my preference though sadly they may have stopped doing them ;(.

Though if your after large lattes with additional flavours hazelnut etc then try the dream river up the road as the latte coffee's are very good and they do a wider selection of food with fresh salads etc.


My boyfriend was just served by a rude barista, who tried to ridicule him for asking for a soy fat white, telling him that, for the record, tall flat whites come with soy. As an Australian and coffee lover I'd like to point out thats not the case at all! Its about the micro-foam, which can be milk OR soy. More to the point though, how about you get off your high horse and serve your customers with some respect. Shame the service was so disappointing as the coffee isn't bad... but its not that good that i'll ever be tempted to set foot in that place again.


Why only 3 stars?..Find me a better coffee in London, becuase I can't!


Best place to go in the area. No doubt about it. Coffee there is amazing and they make sure they wash milk jugs after every coffee they make, which is rare in coffee shops. The food is great too. They have very good sandwiches and cakes. The staff is very friendly. Great place to go.


I love vagabond. Finally a place in Stroud Green that does excellent coffee. Very friendly staff too.


Was enjoying this little cafe - egg and bacon sandwiches for breakkie were great! But this morning discovered that they allow dogs inside the cafe - it is such a small place the kitchen within sneezing distance of the tables. Prepared Food is open on the counter with dogs nearby! There were two dogs with owners and I'm afraid in my opinion giving a bad impression of their hygiene standards. I understand that the law provides discretion for cafe owners - perhaps a sign saying DOG FRIENDLY INSIDE would save time with people not happy with this arrangement... great pity


Great quality of coffee! Nice decoration & nice music! Tables outside under the sun!


Pretty much repeating what IanC said, but great coffee, pleasant atmosphere and friendly service. Can't fault it.


So did you actually eat or drink anything there?? You seem to have given your star rating based on the fact that you couldn't get a table but you poked your head inside anyway. The coffee there is some of the best I've ever had, anywhere, and the food is great too, and not overpriced. I totally unreservedly love it.