Blackline Tattoo Parlour

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Venue name: Blackline Tattoo Parlour
Address: 80 Atlantic Rd
Transport: Tube: Brixton
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George P

I don’t usually write reviews; however I feel obliged to share my story in this instance to serve as a precautionary tale for anyone thinking of using Black Line Tattoos services. 

A friend and I had prepared an image that we both wanted to have tattooed, and so we booked an appointment in advance. It was my first tattoo, and so I did not know what to expect from the process. Unfortunately, it ended up being a very unpleasant experience about which I have three main complaints: the customer service, the tattoo quality, and the price. 

Firstly, both my friend and I felt we were rushed through the whole process. We felt we were pressured into making a quick decision about the location and precise positioning of the tattoo, when ideally we would have liked to see what the image looked like printed onto a few different locations. I assume this was in part because the tattoo artist turned up and hour and twenty minutes late for our appointment, and needed to finish with us before he could move on to other customers. 

Secondly, the tattoo quality is poor. The image provided was the black outline of a goldfish with areas filled in black to represent patches of colour on the fish.  Regrettably, the underbelly of the fish on my tattoo is distorted and does not match the stencil provided, and one of the patches filled in black has even come outside the lines!

Finally, I think we were overcharged considering the time taken to complete the tattoos and their quality. We were charged £80 for each tattoo, with each taking approximately ten minutes to complete (I subsequently called Blackline tattoos to find out their minimum charge and was quoted £50). Had the finished product been high quality, and had we been given more time to adjust the positioning I would have been happy to pay £80. However, considering the circumstances I cannot help but feel they simply capitalised on our naivety.