Chelsea Fishmonger

South Kensington

Working with fish since the age of 13, the Chelsea Fishmonger’s owner, Rex Goldsmith, is a man who knows a bass from a brill. Since going solo in 1996 with a stall in Surrey, he’s built up enough trade to open two shops – one in Chelsea, the other in Guildford. A traditional open front fitted with gleaming tiles reveals a counter packed with produce bought daily from Newlyn and Billingsgate, so there’s plenty to lure you into the Chelsea branch. The team strive to supply fish and shellfish from safe stocks, such as line-caught Icelandic cod and jigged (hand-line caught) Cornish squid.

Venue name: Chelsea Fishmonger
Address: 10 Cale St
Opening hours: Open 9am-5.30pm Tue-Fri; 9am-3.30pm Sat
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