Petits Bisous



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    Petits Bisous
    Petits Bisous 187 Kings Road
    SW3 5EB

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    Tube: Sloane Square tube

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    1. Petits Bisous
      • Petits Bisous
        187 Kings Road
        SW3 5EB
      • 51.486974,-0.168658

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Don't be fooled by the pretty decor, sexy paintings and pleasant aroma coming from the store. It seems that's all there is to it. The store is simply a gathering of branded goods with nothing unique or special to stand out (brands like lelo , etc can be found in other places under more competitive prices). Now what prompted me to write the review is not the shamelessly marked up prices but rather a blatant straight in your face lies that the staff feeds theirs customers. If you ever visited the store you might have noticed the beautiful masks, the store assistants will time and time again tell you story about how it's hand made and crafted in Italy which makes you sort of believe that the price of £55 -£130 is justified. Imagine my surprise, disbelief and feeling of being totally stupid when a friend of mine gets IDENTICAL mask online for £9.99 (the £55 version at PB) and a £130 version for £14,99. It's one thing to mark up prices, very one does that , but to actually describe it as something special when it's just a laser cut Chinese made mask is another level of rip off. On top of which the studs on the mask started falling off on the second day (something you might expect from a 9,99 mask, but not from a £55 or £80 mask). Unfortunately, it killed my desire to set a foot in that store beyond recovery. I'm not a rocket scientist, but the customers are clearly taken for idiots before they even enter the store. To sum up, if you have money to spend, this is not the place.