The ultimate Christmas gift guide



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Find the perfect Christmas presents for your friends and family with our gift guide

If it’s beginning to feel a lot like you haven’t done any Christmas shopping, then consider this your seasonal secular gifting Bible. We’ve scoured the capital’s high streets and its best independent retailers for a selection of original items that will survive into the new year. We’ve also tried to make sure there’s something here to suit all budgets, so you can spend your cash on what Christmas is really all about: turkey and getting merry. Happy shopping! Photos by Rob Greig.

Stylish ideas to turn even the most unreconstructed bloke into a dapper chappy, and not a sock, tie or jumper in sight. No, wait, there is a jumper. Old habits…

  • Blue canvas iPad case, £90

    Make his the smartest tablet case on the train.
    Richard James Mayfair (020 7434 0605).

  • Red retro phone, £55

    For the lo-fi kinda guy.
    Paperchase (020 7467 6200).

  • Leather toiletries bag, £85

    Discreetly stylish on the outside, boldly printed on the inside.
    Alexandra Mann at Liberty (020 7734 1234).

  • Handkerchiefs, £16

    For the handful of distinguished gentlemen still electing for silk or cotton when evacuating his nasal passages, this handsomely printed box set gives a nice nod to festive cheer without being covered with tiny turkeys.
    Thornback & Peel (020 7831 2878).

  • Gentleman’s Writing Set, £28

    Encourage his writing skills. Starting with a nice thank-you letter.
    Chase & Wonder at Rigby & Mac.

  • Classic Nordic knit, £148

    A Sarah Lund-inspired jumper for those who have indulged in a little ‘Killing’ this season…
    Beaumont Organic.

  • No 89 aftershave, £49

    Ditch the ubiquitous celebrity scents and choose a cologne from James Bond’s favourite perfumier.
    Floris (020 7747 3600).

  • Suede boots, £70

    Comfy, stylish and with a helping of free karma – for every pair sold, another are given to a child in need.

  • Gilbert & George plate, £95

    Everyone’s favourite eccentric art duo, immortalised in china.
    Aria (020 7704 6222).

  • Tweed headphones, £80

    Contemporary audio equipment gets a ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ makeover. Watch out, Dre!

  • Cassette notebook, £11.95

    For all those aspiring ‘real men aren’t afraid to cry’ lyric writers.
    Moleskin at Selfridges (0800 123400).

Blow the budget!

  • Gnome, £170

    For the ultimate in bachelor-pad embellishment, indulge him with art. This little chap comes in Eley Kishimoto’s distinctive print. Not one for the garden.
    Eley Kishimoto.

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Can i just say, that i have tried to search for two of the items on this list and none of them are on the websites that you have said they are. Is there no way you can just give a direct link to them??


Hmm... And why do you assume every man is a hipster??