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  • Address:

    Umbrella Music Unit 6, Eastgate Business Park
    E10 7PG

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    10 Argall Way

  • Venue phone:

    084 5500 2323

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    Open 10am-6pm Mon-Sat

  • Transport:

    Tube: Leyton tube then 58 or 158 bus or Stratford tube/rail/DLR then 158 bus

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    1. Umbrella Music

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Astonishingly poor customer service. The sales phone line (0845) often goes to answerphone, the sales team doesn’t call back, and they also ignore emails/web form enquiries (three attempts). ‘Live chat’ is also permanently off. The promised delivery didn’t turn up and it’s simply impossible to find out why. I can’t imagine how a warranty problem would be handled. Avoid at all costs.


Total conmen, They say they have stock in, promise delivery date and then let you down, the phone number takes a million tried to get through, requested a refund that was promised back to my card, after 3 days nothing so I had to ring again only to be promised once again we have processed your refund, a week later still nothing. Emailed the manager, he has now stoped responding after I have reported them to the Police. They didnt provide goods I paid for, Nor did they give me a refund and have now stopped responding to me, AVOID THESE AT ALL COST !!!


everything Richard, below, says is spot on! they have the worst customer service i have ever seen. do NOT shop here, if you want your items delivered within a sensible period, or you will be waiting, literally months!!!


This store has now moved back to Walthamstow, just off Hoe Street. I have bought a few bits and pieces and the guys seem friendly enough.


Probably the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I purchased a pair of Yamaha HS80's and a pair of 6m TRS cables on the 19th April. Paid in full via Paypal. I went down to the store that afternoon to pick my purchases up, rather than having them delivered. It's a good job it did, because the sales guy tried to hand me a pair of speakon cables, rather than the TRS ones I'd ordered. When I pointed out that they were the wrong cables, he then went off to have a look around for the correct ones --- he returned after a while with (unbalanced) TS cables, saying "yeah, these'll work fine". I then had to point out to him the difference between TS and TRS cables........ It turned out that they had none in stock, and would have to order them in --- telling me I'd have them around the end of the next week --around the 29th(there were a couple of bank holidays in between, so this was fair enough). The 29th came and went, no sign of the cables, and no email/phonecall from them --- quite annoying. I had no idea just how annoying things would get though...... Basically, to cut a long story short, I've had to call this store 6 times now, and have sent numerous emails to them. I have been giving 2 subsequent delivery dates, and asked to sit in all day, waiting for a courier who never arrives. After finally speaking with a manger last Saturday (14th May) --- he informed me that the cables had in fact not even arrived at their store yet, as they had an accounting problem with their suppliers, so god knows why two other members of staff arranged delivery dates for me -- perhaps they were hoping that the cables would just materialize out of thin air? The manager of the store then emailed me to confirm that the cables would be delivered to me by Thursday (19th May). I emailed him an hour ago, asking him to confirm for me whether or not they will indeed be arriving tomorrow, and have now been told that it's going to be Friday the 20th instead! Like I said, I have never before experienced such levels of incompetency and disregard for customer service --- who knows if my cables will turn up on Friday -- after all, this is now the fourth alleged delivery date I've been given! --- The cables finally did arrive, BUT --- to add another comedic twist, one of tehm failed within 3 weeks. I phoned the store up again,, they agreed to send me out a replacement. I waited a further 2 weeks, and this never materialized. After phoning them yet again, Richard (a member of their alleged management) told me that he was no longer prepared to replace the cable, and in so many words told me to take my money back and piss off (he actually set the phone down on me). I ended up ordering a replacement from Andertons, which arrived the next day.