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Covent Garden

This centrally located gym offers some of London's wittiest workouts from its 'Tour de Holborn' spinning class to the 80s-flavoured 'Voga' class. Located underneath High Holborn, this compact space combines the atmosphere of a nightclub with state-of-the-art facilities. A full-size boxing ring dominates the main space, along with a large movie screen. There's also an impressive free weights area, spinning studio and two exercise studios. While the boxing theme might suggest a macho environment, more than 50 per cent of members are women. A newer branch in Covent Garden (at 42-49 St Martins Lane, WC2) boasts a vast studio and Olympic-sized boxing ring. Further branches in Bank, Farringdon and Westfield London.

Venue name: Gymbox
Address: 42 St Martin's Lane
Transport: Tube: Leicester Sq
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Esin Balkanli
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Dishonest staff, money centric mindset.. They first promise something and then they charge your for your their faults. What happened is I was in a contract that will end as I would go abroad for a few months and I talked about this when I was starting my contract. Everything was fine till that day came and I wanted to cancel my membership. At first I went and signed a paper to cancel it and they said that it was possible to freeze for two months and I accepted. After a while they sent me an email (just an email no call) saying that it is not possible to freeze for two months. And then I changed my decision and wanted to cancel. What they said was sooo funny they charged me for the month that I would not be here. And the reason is I missed the notice period. I still have the paper I signed which is signed before the notice period. I sent them the paper I signed and talked about the faults they made and the misinformation. In stead of apologising for their fault they sent me a form to fill my details. Moreover I was abroad for a while and could not check my emails. And when I got back, I received an email saying that they are adding admission fee onto the payment that I have not made. Just an email? How can that happen? What they did was pretty annoying and still trying to charge me for it. I have introduced 3 friends there and now I am spreading the word, never ever in my life I will introduce anyone to Gymbox and I will never go. Do not believe what they say, so dishonest. Think five times before you become a member!!!!

Winston T
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I very much agree with Esin, i took out a 6 month membership which should have expired on the 8th July 2015 however as they are money hungry they told me i had to pay for the whole of July as they are incapable of pro-rata the payment which is ridiculous as either the management there are as thick as two planks of wood or alternatively wanting to fleece me as much as possible.   As this was in dispute i cancelled my direct debit before they could withdraw the whole £75 for July which simply was not due.   However when you first register at Gymbox they swipe your debit card and tell you this is for identification which is a complete lie - this essentially allows them to take the money out as and when they feel like it even if the direct debit has been cancelled.    I manage a big company and we are moving offices.   I am moving to Holborn and was thinking of using Gymbox as an employee perk, this is now out of the question as they are highly dishonest and money hungry.   I am very disappointed with this gym and would not recommend it - better off joining the Virgin Active down the road.


I was a member of the Farringdon branch for a year and I can honestly say I don't miss it!. I only ever used it for the classes which were great with incredible instructors, however they were always over crowded and the booking system in general to get onto a class was awful. The areas with the machines and weights I avoided because there was never anyone around to help you on them or maybe just offer some advice on exercises. It's also the only place were I've felt uncomfortable by the male trainers. The spin classes were also just in the main gym so weren't enclosed in a dark room like you would expect. This place is disorganized and is lacking in a lot of customer service. If you want fun classes join classpass. 

md c

I signed for a 3 months membership, when I asked confirmation that the contract will end at the end of the agreed period I have been told twice that it will end automatically but after a month I realised that money was still taken from my bank account, I tried to cancel the membership with immediate effect and asked a refund for the 2 months extra paid but they said it was my fault because I did not send an email to ask for cancellation after the 3 months period, dishonest staff. In addition the gym is small, no space for stretching, expensive cost.

Ralph J

As an actual gymnasium, this is a satisfactory gym with good equipment and facilities.  However, with respect to customer service and membership satisfaction, this gym is very unsatisfactory.  I would warn anyone thinking about joining this gym, to consider other gyms in the area who do not practice membership procedures like this gym.  I belonged to the Fitness First gym across the street beforehand, and the service there was much better and appropriate (the only reason I moved from that gym to the Gymbox was our company subsidy program deal with the Gymbox)!  To be hones, the Gymbox membership service practices border deceit!  I joined the gym through my workplace subsidy program.  I joined on July 1st, 2014 for a 1 year membership.  In June of 2015, our company moved offices to an area with no Gymbox in vicinity, so it was appropriate for me to cancel my membership (i.e. not renew my membership after it expired on July 1st).  I gave more notice in May (more than the required 1 month cancellation notice).  I had written a letter stating my intentions of cancelling my membership on July 1st.  However, the staff indicated they could not accept a letter, but I had to fill out their cancellation form.  I completed this form, and signed it appropriately.  What they failed to expressly indicate to me, is that they changed the date of  my membership to complete on 31-July (not 01-July which is the 1 year contract date).  They did NOT tell me this.

So they charged me an extra month fees and provided no alternative given the circumstance that they changed the date without expressly informing me.  All they said is that I am bound to it because I signed it.  There was also inconsistency with how they handled this with other of our members at work who had the same situation.  I noted this to them, but they ignored this and demanded payment.  When I gave them names which they requested of those who were treated differently, they ignored this, and then passed my account to a debt collector.

So I'm just writing this review to those who may be considering this gym - if you want good facilities, but decietful practices, then this gym will be fine for you.  But if you want honest service, I suggest you go somewhere else.



Babs - Working Girl London

I have been a member of this gym for almost a year and I love it but it's definitely not for everyone. Loud music from a live DJ (often hip hop/dance), intense classes, generally quite dark with neon lights, lots of personal trainers hanging around - these are the things that make the gym a fun environment for me but could certainly rub some people up the wrong way. They have an excellent selection of classes, a lot of them you won't find anywhere else (like Bunny Bootcamp inspired by Playboy Bunny dance routines) - my only criticism is that you can only book classes from 24 hours before so they get filled up pretty quickly and you can only plan one day to the next. Overall, Gymbox is 'cool' and makes working out fun but if you'd rather a traditional gym, stay away!

Sarah P

I have to confess I’m a Gymbox gym bunny – the classes, instructors and PTs are all consistently great, and the real plus is that they have over a 100 different classes/ week that are updated regularly… The live DJs, club style décor and central boxing rings all add to the buzzing atmosphere and inspire you to work up (even more) of a sweat. On the not so good front, the popular (and best) classes fill up quick, so you always need to remember to book ahead if you stand a chance of getting in… And it’s a little pricey, so unless you go several times a week, it might make more money-sense to look elsewhere.


Julia S

Gymbox has been the best gym I've ever been a member of. I've been a member for 6 months now and have no real complaints! The facilities in each of the branches are all really new, there is ample equipment/machines and the classes never feel too crowded. As someone who loves doing classes, I'm spoilt for choice and always find myself trying new ones. The staff have always been really helpful when I've needed them. The brand is all about having fun & working hard, and it really lives up to it!

Marc A

Excellent experience, something completely different to keep you fit without exercise becoming tedious (we've all been there). There are multiple Gymbox venues across London, you can find your closest one at, and keep your eye out for their deals! Offering different sport in London to keep it fun! Again, really enjoyable, fun and different exercise!