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Wonderful performance by all, and I thought ALL the actors were amazing. Sorry, couldn't agree less about the Polish count. Borat never crossed my mind. He was sweet, provided comic relief where needed, but still had the dramatic chops to convincingly show how much it meant to be back with his wife. I was totally absorbed in the story and the relationships between all the characters as was everybody else around me. Go and see this one!


A great night's entertainment lit up by a seemingly effortless performance by Sheridan Smith. Her sensitive portrayal of the young Countess was perfectly pitched and aided by her instinctive comic-timing. And, without taking anything away from the rest of the excellent cast, I could almost sense the audience willing her to appear in every scene. By contrast, Sienna Miller's Patricia was much less endearing as the depth of her predicament never quite matched that of the other suffering wives. Nevertheless, Sienna Miller gives a strong and credible performance. Although quite a lengthy play, it never drags. Its emotional mix of wartime romance and cameraderie, along with striking displays of personal angst give it a powerful impact...get your tickets while you can, before word really gets out!


I have to admit, i went along mainly to see Sienna Miller - but WOW what a show. I am one of those people that usually gets restless sitting in cramped seats watching a show but i was 100% enamoured with the story and the characters from start to end. With the perfect balance of humour and sentiment, i agree with the comment below about feeling like you are sitting within the set with them, as everything unfolds around you. An absolute triumph and I am so glad i had the chance to see it. go go go!

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A must see for all theatre lovers, Trevor Nunn has perfected Terrance Rattigan's 1941 play. An amazing cast, with Sheridan Smith bringing both a humour and emotional punch that confirms her place her as one of the West End's best. Strong performances from all members of the company, especially Harry Hadden-Paton and Sienna Miller, along with a story so real you feel as though you are on the sofa with them whilst it is unravelling around you. If you don't already have tickets, get them now, as this will surely be one of "the" productions of the year.

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