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Penny P

Best play I've seen in a while. Yes, it's not full of action so some people can find it slow or boring but for me it was great. Worth every penny! Highly recommend!


It is funny how many people in their reviews use the word 'slow' as an insult. I am not sure when the two blended into one but it surely was a very sad moment. No wonder though, spending almost 2 HOURS (that is 120 precious minutes!!) with one's own head must be unbearable for some; or BORING if you like. I enjoyed the play a lot. It was coming close to the cheese side of matters at a few points, mostly due to the dialogue, but the general very 20s noir mood, beautiful and really tasteful set design and wonderful acting did make up for it.


I shouldn't laugh but the chap next to me fell asleep and his wife thought he was ill, rushed out and called the emergency services. It was the most exciting thing that happened all evening.


Acting was questionable. There was pretty much no set. Music was generic 'Vampire' organ music. Dialogue was boring and there was no introduction of characters (I have never read the book. I still don't know who Mina is and why she is there). Disappointed.


I actually fell asleep. Hard to read the subtitles and sooooo slow

Michael Campbell

Risible adaptation of Dracula; poor scripting, acting and set design. By the end of two hours of flaccid plot and silly cod-philosophy my overwhelming feeling was one of boredom. It simply defies belief that Timeout could give this four stars. I gave it one star mainly out of charity.


The star is for comedy value. We were not the only people laughing by the end. Indecipherable. This will be popular with 15 year old school boys who are looking for some titillation. Pun intended.