Project X

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  • 3 out of 5 stars
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The London Transport Museum isn't an obvious destination for theatregoers, but in an attempt to broaden its remit and attract new audiences, it is jumping on the immersive theatre bandwagon with its own take on site-specific detective drama.

You begin at a parole hearing and are assigned an identity as a criminal from the future who has travelled back in time to help solve a grisly murder. Once briefed, you're let loose in Covent Garden's Piazza to find the culprit. You and your group attempt to stay together, dodge tourists, find the characters and uncover clues in the area – before,

of course, the others beat you to it.

It's more dramatic than it sounds. While billed as a 'theatrical adventure', 'Project X' isn't really theatre at all: its lack of seriousness means it is more murder mystery party. The roles you have to play are quite silly, the people you meet are slapstick and the story is too far-fetched to have any real dramatic value.

It does, however, live up to the 'adventure' part of its promise – and, as with most participatory productions, the more you engage with the characters, the more fun you'll have. But those hoping for a seamless and striking Punchdrunk-style experience – as I did – may be disappointed.