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Mike Hacking from removal company Movers Not Shakers offers these helpful hints on how to find the best removal firm

  • Word of mouth is always a good way of finding a reliable removal firm. Make sure you pick one that knows your area well – you don’t want them getting lost or not knowing where to park. Mike Hacking from removals company Movers Not Shakers offers these helpful hints: ‘A lot of removals companies will charge an hourly rate. The more organised you are, the quicker the move. This is really crucial to the length of time the move will take. Have everything packed up; loose items add time and also hinder safe delivery.

    ‘Make sure that furniture which is too large to fit through the doors, down the stairs etc is disassembled (most good companies will do this for you and reassemble it at the destination). Be clear where you want the furniture to be placed in your new home. All crockery, glasses etc should be individually wrapped in tissue paper (newspaper is okay but can leave ink smudges). All paintings, vases and large fragile items should be wrapped in bubble-wrap.

    ‘Boxes should be separated into two categories, one for heavier items (books, crockery etc) should not be bigger than about 18"x18"x18".
    Boxes of clothes and linen (ie lighter things) should not be too big for one man to carry. All boxes should be clearly labelled with a description of what is in them and which room in the destination address you want them placed.

    ‘Ideally, all TV and audio equipment should be bubble-wrapped. Make sure that you have the associated cables and remote controls boxed safely.’

    Movers Not Shakers

    This SW1-based removals company caters for all sizes of job, from a simple ‘man-with-a-van’ service from £40 an hour (min two hours) to packing up your entire house contents and transporting them to your new home/storage facility. The company will also move you to other cities or even countries.(020 7630 9005/

    Dulwich Removals

    Heartily recommended.Railway Arch 884, Rosendale Rd, SE24 (020 8678 1774).

    Fast Forward

    A Time Out favourite based in White Hart Lane happy to take on a job at very short notice.(020 8888 1050/

    Rogers Removals (Finchley)

    (020 8953 6777/

    Shirley’s Removals

    Originally specialising in moving house for the gay community, this small but well-run company promises to treat your possessions with care, and to move them swiftly.(020 7254 5580).

    Post redirection

    Informs, for free, a personal list of companies, such as utilities, of your new address.

    Post Office

    Will redirect your mail from the UK to any address in the UK or overseas – priced from £7.10 for redirection to a UK address for one month.(0845 722 3344/

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