Britain’s Got Talent

Sat Apr 13, 7-8.35pm, ITV



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Series seven, episode one
Even if ‘BGT’ isn’t the ratings powerhouse it once was, Saturday nights should provide relatively easy pickings for Simon Cowell. The early charm of ‘The Voice’ has worn off and the BBC series is fast heading the way of ‘Fame Academy’ (hint: starts with ‘d’, ends with ‘-umper’). Juggling the judging panel reaped rewards last year, as David Walliams established himself as the only one able to genuinely unsettle the bossman, and even Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon bared their teeth from time to time.

And what other show would showcase a disabled and able-bodied dance duo? In the debit column are the usual stories of backstage manipulation, exploited chancers and Cowell’s titanic ego. But plus ça change, as they say on ‘La France a un incroyable talent’.

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