'Doctor Who' is back! We meet his latest assistant

Jenna-Louise Coleman, Matt Smith and showrunner Steven Moffat tell us what we can expect from the rest of series seven



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Matt Smith

How has the Doctor responded to a new companion?

‘It’s nice for the Doctor. Having got his grieving for the Ponds out of the way, it’s reignited his curiosity in the universe and given him his mojo back.’

What can you say about the fiftieth anniversary episode?

‘I read the script and clapped at the end. It’s hilarious, epic and vast. It’s going to be the biggest, best, most exciting and inventive year for the series, and this script delivers on all those. It pays homage to everything and looks forward. We’re upping the scale a bit – there’s a bit more bang for your buck.’

Do you have any personal highlights from the new series?

‘We’ve got a submarine, the ice warriors, the Cybermen back in a new guise, Neil Gaiman writing a script, Diana Rigg playing an old hag – but brilliantly, with great charm and sexiness and grace… And I think, towards the end of the season, we might have one of the new classic monsters as well.’

Is it a struggle to keep everything such a secret?

‘You cultivate the habit of giving nothing away. It’s one of the responsibilities of being on the show – the show is based on impact.’

Doctor Who’ returns on Saturday March 30 2013, 6.15pm, BBC1

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Doctor Who - series seven, episode seven

  • Rated as: 4/5

It’s been described as ‘Doctor Who’ does ‘Skyfall’ and, as a hectic, stunt-filled romp across London, this mid-series comeback certainly fits that bill. But there’s also more than a shade of ‘Invasion of the Bodysnatchers’ and ‘Black Mirror’ in the concept of ‘The Bells of Saint John’, which sees Celia Imrie’s mysterious corporation hijacking wifi and uploading people’s souls to a data hub on behalf of a client whose motives are as mysterious as their identity.

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A couple of quibbles aside (Imrie’s ‘secret plot’ wants for a little secrecy), this is prime Moffat-era ‘Doctor Who’.

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