The Young Montalbano

Sat Sep 7, 9-11pm, BBC4



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<strong>Rating: </strong>2/5

Series one, episode one
The Young Morse? Well, ‘Endeavour’ was pretty good. The Young Lund? Crying out to be made. But ‘The Young Montalbano’? Neither especially troubled nor notably enigmatic, the Sicilian detective has never been one of television’s more intriguing characters, with the appeal of his show limited to the spectacular scenery and guessing which actor would chew through it the most during the course of that week’s investigation.

As origin stories go, this isn’t exactly ‘Batman Begins’, although we learn that he did once have a full head of hair. In tonight’s opener, Montalbano (Michele Riondino) gets posted to a remote mountain village in the early ’90s. He solves a crime. He gets promoted and moves to a seaside town. He solves another crime which may or may not be connected to the previous one. He uncovers institutional corruption. He tolerates the pratfalls of comical colleagues. He enjoys a contented domestic life. Dull, dull, dull – for two hours.

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Totally agree with the reviewer. I lasted an hour before losing interest and switching over. I'll give the rest of the series a miss.

Rosalind Balp
Rosalind Balp

Dull? Not as dull as the wits of the reviewer, clearly so used to overblown tripe that he missed all the clever dovetailing of two periods in the life of one of the most enigmatic detectives created. I never thought it would work, but that was a convincing performance by Michele Riondino. I'm sure those of us who love the original series were delighted to welcome back the humour, mad characters, worship of food as well as the spectacular scenery. Most of all, it was a delight to see the man of honour pick his way through a corrupt system to make sure justice was done.


I too thoroughly enjoyed it. The filming, as always, was beautifully done, and I thought the lead actor pulled it off in style, matching Zingaretti's approach and adding a bit of his own - no mean feat. Lots more, please, BBC!


Can't disagree more! Anyone who enjoyed the taste of Sicily in Montalbano series is bound to love the prequel. Perhaps the reviewer is not one of them...

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