Gay LA: Best gay club nights in Los Angeles

Dance your pants off at the best gay club nights in Los Angeles.

Looking for a place to shake, grab—and potentially score—some ass in LA? Whether twink, bear, otter or drag queen, we've got you covered with our list of the best gay club nights in the city. 

MuMo: Musical Mondays

Los Angeles gets a taste of Broadway once a week on Musical Mondays (MuMo) at the massive Eleven Nightclub. Unlike most nights, when the latest Top 40 dance hits can be heard in heavy rotation at the Santa Monica Boulevard hotspot, the genre of choice on Mondays at Eleven is musicals... purely musicals. For one night only, Gaga, Beyoncé, Madonna and Rihanna take a backseat while the songs of musical legends like Barbra Streisand, Patti LuPone, Kristen Chenowith and Linda Eder rule the stage. A mix of live performances and videos of classic moments from Broadway and film make this not only one of the most feel-good nights of the week, but also one heck of a reason to actually look forward to Mondays.

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Eleven Free


Wigs... divas...drama... what’s not to love? If you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race and its subsequent spawn on LOGO, then you'll probably love Dreamgirls at Rage on Tuesdays. In short order this night has become a must for drag aficionados in Los Angeles, thanks to a stellar weekly line-up of top performers including RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 winners Raja, Delta Work, Sharon Needles (our favorite!), Chad Michaels and Pandora Box. They’re not necessarily singing for their lives as they do with Ru, but they sure are perfoming for them! Tip: Bring dollar bills in abundance, as tipping is not only allowed but strongly encouraged (in fact, it’s sometimes part of the performance).

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Stripper Circus

What better way to celebrate the end of hump day than with a sea of strippers? As the name of the weekly night suggests, Stripper Circus is a veritable carnival of carnality. Lorded over by über porn director-cum-DJ (no pun intended...) Chi Chi LaRue, Wednesdays at Here Lounge deliver a mixed bag of sexed up gay porn stars and ripped go-go boys in numbers rarely seen in other clubs. In fact there’s so much eye candy in nearly every corner of the bar, on nearly every surface imaginable, that it’s downright distracting (in the best possible way, of course). Adding to the hedonistic vibe of the night is a little thing called “strip downs,” during which dancers get almost completely naked for an admiring audience. To be sure, this is yet another night where a stealthy stack of bills will help the evening along quite nicely.

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Here Lounge

BFD (Big Fat Dick)

It’s been called the best raunch-fest in the City of Angels and it’s held weekly at Fubar, West Hollywood’s most alternative outpost. Every Thursday, moustached alt-nightlife-maestro Mario Diaz brings out boystown’s sexiest players for a night that kicks off the weekend with a healthy dose of testerone, a scantily clad, tattooed brigade of go-go boys and a contest that dares patrons to have their “members” photographed and judged at the climax of the party. Add in vintage gay porn playing on screens around the bar and you’ve got yet another one of those nights that helps Fubar live up to its reputation as “not your father’s gay bar.”

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Fubar Until Thursday December 25 2014 Free


Hype is what you might call a more... glossy affair. Remixes of Top 40 hits rip through Factory's cavernous space, which becomes a wonderland of twinks sipping vodka and Red Bull on Friday nights. From about 11pm on, the dance floor is generally awash with gyrating hips swathed in skinny jeans and swaying arms raised to the sky in full praise of the heavenly hymns of pop’s latest reigning priestesses. Fittingly, chart-topping songstresses like Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland, Robyn and Ciara have all stopped by to perform a song or two for the faithful at Hype—making Friday the new Sunday for some true pop believers.

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Factory Until Friday December 26 2014 Free

Rasputin: Russian Love Machine

A crush of Russian fabulousness touches down in West Hollywood every Saturday night at Luke Nero and Andres Rigal’s Rasputin: Russian Love Machine on Robertson Boulevard, which is by far the hottest Saturday night party in the area. On any given night, there may be a tiger in residence or a Scissor Sister spinning in the DJ booth, but you can always expect a capacity crowd of model-pretty hipsters, thumping grooves, dreamy bartenders, burlesque models posing behind glass walls and a stable of resident “Russian Dolls” that includes Candice Cayne, William Cullen and Miles Davis Moody. Hint: Arrive early and stay late.

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Robertson Food & Bar Free

Meat Rack

Leather-clad daddy types, bearded bears types and beefy muscle boys all flock to the Eagle on the first and third Saturdays of each month, because Meat Rack is a party for men... and by men, we mean grown-ass men. The crowd is typically a bit more mature—and, dare we say, weathered in all the right places—not much unlike the bar itself, which is something of an institution on the east side. Don’t expect to sip a freshly muddled Mojito or a slightly dirty Martini in this dark, rugged man cave—you'll be sorely disappointed. Beer and sweat are the most pervasive scents at Meat Rack, just as Levi’s and leather serve as the uniform of choice. (Ironically, in true Los Angeles fashion, valet service is available at the bar because parking in this neighborhood can be a real bear... see what we did there?)

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Eagle LA Free


When the weekend comes to an end in West Hollywood, it generally does so at Size Sundays at Here, which has become the most popular Sunday afternoon party in town. Presented by mega-promoter and gay nightlife impresario Tom Whitman, Size at Here is all about lazy, lingering afternoon cocktails that spill over into early evening boy watching (or man hunting) on the patio and grooving to sounds of A-list DJs like Brett Henrichsen, Chris Cox, Barry Harris, Scotty K, and Josh Peace. Surprise performances by top vocalists, dance troupes and performance artists are the final piece of the magic puzzle that makes Sundays at Here the destination of choice to wind down before the start of a new week.

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Here Lounge Free