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Gay LA: Best gay club nights in Los Angeles

Dance your pants off at the best gay club nights in Los Angeles.

Looking for a place to shake, grab—and potentially score—some ass in LA? Whether twink, bear, otter or drag queen, we've got you covered with our list of the best gay club nights in the city. 

Cub Scout

Given that Silver Lake is where the bears like to play, is it any wonder that the cubs have taken such a shine to the neighborhood as well? Cub Scout, presented by popular nightlife personalities DJ Chris Bowen and DJ Victor Rodriguez, is a monthly den of sexy fun with cheap drinks and a furry crowd on the first Friday of every month. But don’t be misled: This cruisy, no-frills party attracts boys from all parts of town and every stripe of the rainbow. Bears, cubs, otters, wolves and pups are all welcome and sure to find something—or someone—to cozy up to at this all out man-fest.

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Eagle LA, Silver Lake Friday May 1 2015 - Friday December 4 2020