Valentine's Day ideas, events and things to do for singles

Single on Valentine's Day? In Los Angeles, there are plenty of things to do solo on February 14. Check out our list of V-Day ideas, events & things to do for singles.

Birds' annual Anti-Valentine's party

Solo on V-Day? Whether you're happily single, just dumped or dating long-distance, check out our list of Valentine's Day ideas for the best places to be a party of one (or a party of many, if you round up your untethered friends) on February 14.

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Attend an Anti-Valentine's bash

Birds on Franklin hosts its 18th annual Anti-Valentine's party, complete with voodoo dolls, piñata "aggression-release therapy," all the best heartache music and prizes for the worst "got dumped" stories. Sounds cynical, but since everyone is single and commiserating, you'd be surprised at how many numbers get exchanged by the end of the evening.

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Treat yourself

Who better to love on Valentine’s Day (or any day, really) than yourself? Peruse the Pleasure Chest's aisles of toys, DVDs and other titillating treasures and treat yourself to something sexy, then take yourself and your new purchase home to bed. Studies prove that self-lovin’ leads to a longer, healthier life (which means more time for self-lovin’, and on it goes).

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West Hollywood

Get to know some sea creatures at REDCAT

Underwater filmmaker Jean Painlevé's name might ring a bell for music nerds—his shorts served as the inspiring images for Yo La Tengo's "The Sounds of Science" performances. But his nature documentaries are stunning in their own right, as surrealist as they are scientific. REDCAT screens a night's worth of the director's shorts in 35mm, including The Seahorse (1934), The Vampire (1939), Shrimp Stories (1964) and The Love Life of the Octopus (1965). Spoiler alert: Octopuses' lovemaking is pretty clinical, so you won't feel left out at this post-Valentine's screening.

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Shoot off a few rounds

Okay, so it’s a little aggressive, but if you’re feeling any misplaced animosity toward your ex, your newlywed friends, or just the consumerist-driven, made-up-holiday inanity going on all around you, shooting off a few rounds—in the safe, regulated environment of the LA Gun Club—might be the healthiest way to ease your frustrations.

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Volunteer your time

Hey, sad sack—instead of moping around all day feeling lonely, think of all the folks in LA who are less worried about getting a date and more worried about getting a meal. Volunteer some time and we guarantee you’ll end the day with a lot more love in your heart than if you’d stayed home with the cat.

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Add some sexo y violencia to your night

Slam down those V-Day blues with Lucha VaVOOM's "My Kinky Valentine" show. The masked wrestlers aren't the only ones showing some skin at this extravaganza of Mexican lucha libre wrestling-meets-striptease showcase. The "Buxoticas" add some serious sexo to the violencia on display. Expect cartoonish costumes, an edgy rock-'n'-roll/rock-en-español aesthetic, crowd-pleasing hijinks from hula hooping to pole dancing, and ladies who bare it all save for pasties and the proverbial fig leaf.

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Take a cooking class

The best antidote for a broken (or lonely) heart? Food, of course! Learn to make some of Julia Childs's most famous French recipes at this Feb 14 evening class. You'll gain the ability to woo yourself (or a potential new lover) with dishes like chicken roulade with tarragon cream sauce, roasted rosemary butternut squash and rustic apple galette. Bon appetit!

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