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The Parco Archeologico is arranged in terraces overlooking the bay. At the top, the view from the Villa dell'Ambulatio gives a good idea of the layout. At the end of the ambulatio is the balneum (bathroom), a jewel of stuccoed artistry. The level below contains a nymphaeum (a grotto with a pool and fountain dedicated to the water-nymphs) or perhaps a miniature theatre; further down on the lowest terrace stands the Tempio di Mercurio (Temple of Mercury) and a large natatio (swimming pool) with an imposing dome (50-27 BC) that pre-dates the cupola of the Pantheon in Rome.

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Via Acropoli 1

Area Naples


Telephone 081 854 3060

Open May-Sept 9am-7.30pm daily. Oct-Apr 9am-5.30pm.

Admission €2 (€4 includes the Parco Archeologico e Monumentale di Baia & the amphitheatre in Pozzuoli).