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The best of Italy

The 21 best things to do in Italy

Come to the boot for the god-level pasta, stay to explore the best things to do in Italy: from an exploration of the heavenly landscape (snow-capped mountains of the Alps! Crystal clear Mediterranean waters!) to world-class museums. Here, you can scuba dive to see ancient ruins, hire a vintage car for a Tuscan road trip (stopping off in Florence, of course) or raise a spritz above the rooftops of Rome. Whether you’re visiting a quaint country town or a bustling urban sprawl, you'll fall in love with Italy, we promise. The best part? Hotels and distances mean you're always a short ride away from a change of scenery that will delight you. Done something on this list and loved it? Share it with the hashtag #TimeOutDoList and tag @TimeOutEverywhere. Find out more about how Time Out selects the very best things to do all over the world.

The 10 best hotels in Italy

From the Alps in the north to the tip of Italy’s toe – plus its assorted islands – there’s a bewildering range of places to stay in this utterly enchanting country. Not surprisingly, in a land with such a long and fascinating history, it’s not too difficult to find hotels in converted Renaissance palaces, medieval towers and rustic farmhouses. Add to the rich mix some profound regional differences from north to south – in everything from architecture to food, culture and things to do – and you’ve got a country that hugely rewards those willing (and wealthy enough) to do a 21st-century style grand tour of its glorious span. We’ve picked some of the most outstanding hotels and resorts to help you do just that, and experience the trip of a lifetime.

The 15 best beaches in Italy

A land littered with classic stone, unmatchable art and historical value, the boot of Europe is also surrounded by the ocean, a fact that makes the best beaches in Italy ideal destinations for a weekend escape or a longer seaside vacation. Cooling off in the azure waters a short drive from Rome, Florence or Naples is a summertime must, especially when considering the beach clubs popping up along the normally bare sands with sun loungers and colourful parasols from June to September all throughout the country. A note, though: many of these destinations require a fee to secure your sun-drenched seat for the day (staying at a nearby hotel may grant you complimentary beach access). From picturesque seaside escapes to pebbled beaches in pastel villages and natural limestone decks for sun-worshipping, visit these locations to experience the very best of Italy. RECOMMENDED: Full guide to the best things to do in Italy