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The Best Airbnbs in Naples

The 10 best Airbnbs in Naples

Don't let Naples' reputation put you off, the city is bursting with history (and probably the best pizza you'll ever eat)

Ella Doyle
Alex Floyd-Douglass
Written by
Ella Doyle
Alex Floyd-Douglass

Naples is the dark horse of Italy, known for having a rough history, but it’s steadily emerging from its past to flourish as a place of great beauty. If you know where to look, the city is bursting with culture. Though it’s known for its pizza, Naples' cuisine certainly doesn’t stop there. Think seafood, and pasta with thick meaty sauces made from recipes passed down from generation to generation. Plus secret churches to explore, a spread of beaches along the coastline and much more besides.

So you’ve done Rome, you’ve done Florence. Why not venture into the labyrinth, and indulge in all the history and nightlife the city has to offer? But make sure that if you go, you book the right place to stay. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered together the best Airbnbs in Naples right now, all available on Airbnb’s website. 

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Best Naples Airbnbs

The minimalist boutqiue apartment in the historic centre
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

1. The minimalist boutqiue apartment in the historic centre

Oozing Italian chic, this traditional apartment on one of Naples’s cobbled backstreets has all the romance of an old-school Italian stay but with a slew of modern furnishings and amenities. While the ceilings may be made up of rustic, gnarled wooden beams the floors are sleek hardwood, the furniture is glossy and minimalist and the features are gleaming chrome, brass and glass. Most importantly, it’s right in the middle of Naples’s historic district, so you’ll be within an easy walk of all of the major sights. 

Best for: Anyone who wants to immersive themselves in Naples’s historic centre.  

The arty flat in the historic centre
Photograph: Airbnb

2. The arty flat in the historic centre

This apartment is really something. Art Nouveau frescoes hang from the ceiling and intricate carpets change up every room, dotted with period furnishings. The quirky flat also has a terrace, so you can look out over Naples’ centre while you sip espresso in the mornings. There’s famous neapolitan pizza right on your doorstep, and reviewers note breakfast pastry baskets on arrival. 

Best for: Heading to the Cathedral, before sampling the best bars and pizzerias the Vasto district has to offer. This isn’t the safest district going, so keep your wits about you.  

The cute studio with a view in Chiaia
Photograph: Airbnb

3. The cute studio with a view in Chiaia

Here, you’re in the Chiaia neighbourhood, known for its fantastic shopping streets. You’re up on a hill, a little further away from the main action, but that’s what makes it worth it - the views. Choose one of the two terraces on this studio to look out over Naples with a magnificent view of the sea. 

Best for: High-end boutique shopping, snacking and drinking through the neighbourhood, from Via Chiaia through to Via Toledo, the tourist center. 

The loft and private terrace in Vomero
Photograph: Airbnb

4. The loft and private terrace in Vomero

This is your spot for next level rooftop views over Naples, on a rather posh private terrace. Located in the Vomero district, you’ve got easy access to top tourist destinations, but with a view this spectacular, will you ever want to leave? Oh, and there’s a solarium, outdoor shower, barbecue and outdoor TV. Nice. 

Best for: Checking out Castel Sant’Elmo, a fantastic medieval fortress overlooking Naples, which is just 10 minutes walk away. 

The central cosy cottage near University Square
Photograph: Airbnb

5. The central cosy cottage near University Square

A slightly different vibe to the typical Naples flat, this house keeps its cottage charm, with exposed wooden beams, rustic tiling and bare brick walls. It’s perfect for a family looking for a warm and cosy stay, while still situated firmly in Naples’ lively (if chaotic) centre. Small winding streets, old piazzas and fantastic pizza are right on your doorstep. 

Best for: Strolling to the breathtaking Chiostro di Santa Chiara, a slice of beauty and peace in the city’s bustling centre. 

The plush house for five in central Napoli
Photograph: Airbnb

6. The plush house for five in central Napoli

Both the location and the interiors of the Casa sul Nilo will have you saying: “Mammamìa!” Here, you’re in a great spot in Piazza San Domenico, which does mean it’s pretty much lively at all times, but the beautifully decorated flat, uber-posh king-sized beds, terrace and delivered breakfast more than make up for it. 

Best for: Checking out the church (San Domenico), the basilica, and the numerous restaurants and eateries in the square. 

The quiet loft for two in the city centre
Photograph: Airbnb

7. The quiet loft for two in the city centre

All the reviews for this loft apartment agree that though you’re right in the middle of a very busy street, the noise all but disappears by the time you’re back inside (we assume this is owing to the height). The loft is for two but has plenty of space, with super modern interiors, exposed beams and a loft bedroom. 

Best for: A 20-minute walk to Naples’ National Archaeological Museum, stopping at Castel Nuovo. 

The gorgeous house with a hot tub in Rione Sanita
Photograph: Airbnb

8. The gorgeous house with a hot tub in Rione Sanita

If the location doesn’t sell you on this one, then the garden will. This huge garden features a sheltered dining table, orange trees, a hot tub and a hammock, for you to live out all of your Naples dinner party dreams. It’s also right in the buzzing centre of Naples, so you can live quietly without ever being far from the action. 

Best for: Grabbing an aperativo 10 minutes walk away at Piazza Bellini, a square of ancient ruins and bustling bars. 

The Palazzo apartment in the Spanish Quarter
Photograph: Airbnb

9. The Palazzo apartment in the Spanish Quarter

Situated in the Spanish quarter, this is an apartment to capture the essence of Naples. The flat sits on the second floor of Palazzo Sannicandro, an old white building with a traditional courtyard and open stairs, leading to white-painted indoor terraces covered in twisting plants and pink flowers. Oh, and the hosts will cook you an “unforgettable Neopolitan dinner” on request. 

Best for: Strolling down to see an exhibition at Palazza Reale, or one of the many churches nearby. 

The apartment with its own beach in Posillipo
Photograph: Airbnb

10. The apartment with its own beach in Posillipo

If you’ve done your research, you’ll know about Posillipo, one of Naples’ best-kept secrets right on the waterfront. It’s a wealthy area, so it’s fitting that this apartment, which backs onto its own private beach, is found there. This is a proper beach retreat, leafy and no wifi, but still an easy bus into the city centre. 

Best for: A beach holiday outside of the city centre. To eat, check out nearby Tufo and La Scottana. 

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