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The ancient Romans called the Solfatara the Forum Vulcani, and visited it with the same strange fascination as modern-day tourists. From an eerie lunar landscape, hissing wisps of sulphurous steam rise up; here and there are broad mud bubbles. According to locals, breathing deeply of the sulphur fumes does wonders for sinus and lung problems. On the north-eastern side of the crater, entrances to a sudatorium (built in the 19th century and now bricked up) form weird, intolerably hot saunas.

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Solfatara details

Via Solfatara 161

Area Naples

Telephone 081 526 2341

Solfatara website

Open Apr-Sept 8.30am-7pm daily. Oct-Mar 8.30am-4.30pm daily.

Admission €6; €5 reductions.