Travel information: getting to Naples

Everything you need to know about the airport, trains, buses and taxis

By Jeffrey Kennedy & Janice Fuscoe

By air

Naples' international ariport is 7km or 10mins from Stazione Centrale rail station, 20mins from ferry and hydrofoil ports.

Aereoporto Internazionale di Napoli (Capodichino)

Napoli 081 789 6111, toll-free from within Italy 848 888 777,


Alibus (800 639525, 081 763 1111, runs a direct bus from outside arrivals to Stazione Centrale (Piazza Garibaldi) and Piazza Municipio (near the ferry port). Buses leave every 20mins, 6.30am to 11.30pm daily. Return buses leave Piazza Municipio from 6am to 12.12am daily. Tickets are €3.

Local orange bus 3S runs from Arrivals to Garibaldi every 25mins. Buy tickets (€1.10) at any tabacchi and stamp them on board.


A taxi to central Naples should cost around €12.50 (plus 50¢ for each piece of luggage in the boot).

Major airlines

Alitalia 06 2222,
BA 199 712 266,
EasyJet 848 887 766,

By boat

Timetables for water transport around the Bay of Naples appear daily in Il Mattino and on

Ferries & hydrofoils

Ferries and hydrofoils regularly depart from Naples’ port, Molo Beverello, heading to the islands, Sorrento (€11) and the Amalfi Coast (€15), as well as from the smaller port at Mergellina, for the islands.

The major operators are:

Alilauro 081 497 2238,
Caremar 081 551 3882,
MedMar 081 333 4411,
Navigazione Libera del Golfo 081 552 0763,
SNAV 081 428 5555,

Ferry services to Palermo (daily) and Sardinia (once or twice weekly) are run by Tirrenia (now joined with Caremar, see above). SNAV runs a hydrofoil to Palermo (Apr-Dec daily). TTT Lines (800 915 365, 081 580 2744, sails from Molo Beverello to Catania, Sardinia and Tunisia. See also Metro del Mare, below.

Hydrofoils to Capri, Ischia and Procida, run by SNAV and Alilauro, also leave from Mergellina, a mile away from the main port.

MedMar and Caremar (for both, see above) car ferries also leave for Procida and Ischia from Pozzuoli, 12km north-west of Naples.

The Metro del Mare (199 600 700, runs from Molo Beverello to various points in the gulf and along the Amalfi Coast. Tarifs start at €3.50 for a short hop; Napoli Beverello to Positano is €14; to Amalfi €15.

By bus

Most long-distance buses arrive at and depart from Piazza Garibaldi. Autolinee Ferrari (aka CLP) runs to cities in Campania, in other parts of Italy and in continental Europe (081 251 4157, CTP (800 200 114, 081 700 1111, 081 700 5104, and SITA (081 752 7337, 089 386 6711, serve destinations around Naples and Southern Italy, as well as Tuscany and the Veneto.

By rail

Naples’ three mainline stations are Campi Flegrei, Mergellina and the main station, Stazione Centrale. For train information and bookings, contact Trenitalia. Call the helpline (89 20 21, 06 6847 5475) or visit

Stazione Centrale
Piazza Garibaldi (89 20 21).
Most FS trains come and go from here, including the Alta Velocità high speed service to Rome, very fast Eurostar and InterCity trains, and slow regional, direct and local trains. Trains also depart from the Piazza Garibaldi station (two levels below the main station), which is used by some long-distance services as well as the regional metro.

More travel information

Getting around Naples
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Fast facts A-Z

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