When to go to Naples

Naples' weather, climate, festivals, events and public holidays

By Jeffrey Kennedy & Janice Fuscoe

Weather & climate

Naples sizzles in July and August, and humidity levels can be high. On the islands and coast, sea breezes make the heat more bearable.

Spring and autumn are usually warm and pleasant but with some heavy showers, particularly in March, April and September. March and October can be wonderful times to visit the islands: they’re very quiet but you still stand a decent chance of catching some warmth.

From November to February, it’s usually crisp with some sun, but with long spells of dreary weather. In winter, there’s a dusting of snow on Mount Vesuvius.

Average temperatures and monthly rainfall in Naples.

Jan   4-12°C / 39-54°F – 116mm / 4.6in
Feb   5-13°C / 41-55°F – 85mm / 3.3in
Mar   6-15°C / 43-59°F – 73mm / 2.9in
Apr   9-18°C / 48-64°F – 62mm / 2.4in
May   12-22°C / 54-72°F – 44mm / 1.7in
June   16-26°C / 61-79°F – 31mm / 1.2in
July   18-29°C / 64-84°F – 19mm / 0.7in
Aug   18-29°C / 64-84°F – 32mm / 1.3in
Sept   16-26°C / 61-79°F – 64mm / 2.5in
Oct   12-22°C / 54-72°F – 107mm / 4.2in
Nov   9-17°C / 48-63°F – 147mm / 5.8in
Dec   6-14°C / 43-57°F – 135mm / 5.3in

Festivals & events

Naples loves to party – and it has festivals with religious roots that blossom most extravagantly in this ancient, deeply faith-driven city. Easter and the period between Christmas and Epiphany are hugely important events, as are the thrice-yearly ritual involving what is said to be the liquefaction of the blood of San Gennaro, the city’s patron saint, and the commemoration of the miracle of Santa Maria del Carmine.

In July and August, the lack of air-conditioning in the city’s theatres generally makes them too hot to bear. Instead, performances are held out of doors (and out of town) in spectacular alternative venues.

July through to September sees important music events including the Neapolis Festival and various concerts held in the Parco dei Quartieri Spagnoli on Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

See all festivals & events in Naples

Public holidays

On public holidays (giorni festivi), public offices, banks and post offices are closed, as are most shops. Naples shuts down entirely on 19 September, feast of the city’s patron saint, San Gennaro.

August is holiday month, and there are interminable queues on roads to resorts. Many businesses, shops and restaurants close.

New Year’s Day (Capodanno) (1 Jan)
Epiphany (La Befana) (6 Jan)
Easter Monday (Pasquetta)
Liberation Day (Festa della Liberazione) (25 Apr)
Labour Day (Festa del Lavoro) (1 May)
Republic Day (2 June)
Feast of the Assumption (Ferragosto) (15 Aug)
All Saints’ Day (Tuttisanti) (1 Nov)
Feast of the Immaculate Conception (L’Immacolata) (8 Dec)
Christmas Day (Natale) (25 Dec)
Boxing Day (Santo Stefano) (26 Dec)

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