The perv's guide to NYC

We hit the streets, the strip clubs and gay Bronx orgies in search of the city's scintillating underground. Lord have mercy, Staten Island is sexier than you think!



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Get off

Fans jonesing for a real-life hit of The Sopranos will be disappointed by this under-the-Bruckner strip club in Hunts Point; the only thing it shares with Tony and Big Pussy's favorite hang is its name. The draw here, rather, is the onstage shower show, in which guests can help clean the ladies. And don't expect to find any Mafioso action, either—the club sits across the street from the NYPD's 41st Precinct. 1098 Lafayette Ave at Garrison Ave (718-328-2052,

Big Men of Color Sex Party
This weekly orgy takes place in a Highbridge apartment building and is specifically for " big men of color...and the men who love them." It that that, on the night we attended, had a courtyard full of children playing in kiddie pools. Twenty bucks pays your admission and covers a secure bag check, condoms, lube, and unlimited drinks and snacks. (Make use of the bar, but skip the food platters—you know where people's hands have been.) The scene attracts a wide variety of thugs, jocks and bears in all shades and sizes. Anything goes in the Play Room, but only a handful of guys engage in hard-core action; most just stand around with their dicks in their hands. Relax between orgasms in the Living Room, you can relax between orgasms while eavesdropping on the same type of chatter you'd hear at any other New York party ("How much does he pay for this place?!?"). Tip: Keep your shoes on when you check your clothes; the floors can be slippery. For party location, dates and times, e-mail">

Cruising spots
There's no shortage of brothers on the DL here—or places for them to meet: under the freeway behind Yankee Stadium; the men's room at Orchard Beach; the Fordham and Bedford Park subway stations; the steam room at Bally Total Fitness in Fordham; even the last two cars on the 4 train.

Metro Motel
Rooms at this nondescript motel double as porno sets a few nights a month; XXX producer Mack has been filming here for almost a decade. "We find most of our girls in the Bronx in the clubs, or on MySpace," he says. "We pay them $100 to $300 to shoot a 20-minute video." Want to earn some spare change? Call Mack at 646-257-6575. 691 E 241st St between Pugsley Rd and Richardson Ave, Wakefield (718-994-0566)

SugarFoot Girls
This foot-fetish company caters to ped-ophiles (get it? get it?) with a thing for pretty-toed women of color. Its MySpace page boasts 2,573 friends and a host of wholesome teaser shots (feet clutching bottles of vodka, enmeshed in fishnets, cradling M&M's, etc.). People interested in booking parties or one-on-one S.O.L.E. (Sensory Over Load Experience) sessions should e-mail Petey Wheat at"> Private sessions start at $100 for a half hour.

Go deeper

The Bronx Knows campaign
The Bronx is attempting to do something no other U.S. city or NYC borough has ever done: make sure every adult knows his or her HIV status. Sixty-eight hospitals, community organizations and government agencies participate in the campaign, which strives to make testing as routine as checking one's cholesterol. "Studies show that when people know their status, they're more likely to protect other people and change their behavior," says Candia Richards-Clarke, COO of Bronx AIDS Services. For info on how to get tested, visit visit

Sex workers in Hunts Point
The sprawling neighborhood has long been known for its large presence of sex workers, a lot of them transgender. "As gentrification has pushed sex workers out of many NYC neighborhoods, a lot more have ended up on the Hunts Point stroll," says Andrea Ritchie, director of the Sex Workers Project of the Urban Justice Center. TONY dropped by Hunts Point in the middle of the night and found transgender women hanging around the Dominican-nun-run Corpus Christi Monastery. But "you can't assume they are sex workers," cautions Maryse Mitchell-Brody of the Anti-Violence Project, noting that the NYPD has taken to profiling all transgender women as sex workers and arresting them in mass sweeps. Says Ritchie, "It's so bad, transgender women are afraid to walk their dogs, go to the store or even go outside." —Steven W. Thrasher

The stats

250,000: The total number of adults the Bronx Knows campaign has set out to test
159,934: The number of adults the Bronx Knows campaign has tested as of press time
66: The HIV rate per 100,000 residents in the Bronx, the second highest in the five boroughs (following Manhattan)

Manhattan | Brooklyn | Queens | Staten Island | Bronx

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