Places for sunbathing and sunshading

We break down the best sunny and shady spots in all five boroughs, for the Donatella Versace (or Robert Pattinson) in you.



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Staten Island

Sunbathing: Great Kills Park and Beach at Gateway National Recreation Area (Buffalo St and Hylan Blvd, 718-980-6130)
A whopping 580 acres of open space awaits you at Great Kills Park, but there’s enough here to keep you occupied for a full day and then some. Spread your towel out on the sand at Great Kills Beach and prepare to be sun-kissed.
Postsun spot: Kick a soccer ball around on the sports field, fish at the marina or follow a park ranger from the National Park Service along one of the many trails.

Sunshading: Clove Lakes Park (1150 Clove Rd between Cheshire Pl and Park Dr, 718-390-8000)
Lakes and ponds are scattered throughout this piece of protected Forever Wild land, one of 51 green spaces preserved by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. Take one of the many trails to the northwest section of the park, where Staten Island’s largest living thing, a 300-year-old tulip tree, stands at 107 feet tall. Several baseball diamonds, a soccer field, a basketball court, playgrounds and a football field are also spread throughout CLP.
Postshade spot: Rent a row or paddle boat at the Clove Lakes Park’s Lake Club (1150 Clove Rd between Cheshire Pl and Park Dr; 718-442-3600, daily from 11am to 5pm ($10 per hour). If you’d rather admire the boats than row one yourself, the Lake Club Restaurant is located directly opposite the rowboat rentals.

Manhattan | Brooklyn | Queens | Bronx | Staten Island

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