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Austin-inspired Halloween costumes that you can make in a day

Written by
Anastacia Uriegas

The most stressful part about Halloween? Coming up with a sweet costume that's timely, easy to make and won't require help unzipping every time you need to use the bathroom. If you've procrastinated, relax—we've come up with eight, totally Austin costumes that you can throw together for the holiday. 

Topo Chico Bottle
Hit up FedEx (RIP Kinko’s) and have them print a life-size version of the (now official) Coke product of Austin. This refreshing costume will ensure both high fives and plenty of “I love Topo Chico!” declarations from tipsy partygoers.

Breakfast Taco
DIY a tasty taco costume with colored felt (you know, or just buy one) and prepare for all the drunk revelers trying to bite you while their friends document it for Instagram Stories. Bacon and egg, bean and cheese, crispy beef: what breakfast taco represents you as a person?

Photograph: Courtesy Mi Madre's Restaurant

Spread your wings and fly as you channel the number one attraction in Austin (sorry, Duck Tour). Your brown/black costume will need wings, tiny ears and fangs for maximum bat-ness (guano odor optional). Hang out near the Congress Avenue Bridge for extra points!

David Komie
David Komie, “The Attorney That Rocks,” is quite possibly the most Austin your costume can get. Sport a leather jacket, goatee, dreads and a microphone while you hand out business cards emblazoned with metal band fonts. Just know that no one will ever top this woman:

Photograph: Leeann Terwilliger

UT Sorority Girl / Frat Guy
Disguise your crew as members of Austin’s Greek population. For the ladies, an XL t-shirt, running shorts, athletic shoes and sloppy side ponytail is all you'll need. For fraternity guys, just raid your dad’s closet for a salmon or mint-colored shirt, khaki shorts and driving shoes.

Eeyore’s Birthday Attendee
Emulate an attendee of Austin’s quirkiest event by scoring a neon tutu, butterfly wings, clip-on tail, a hoola hoop, horns and lots of body glitter. Or go topless in the (now fading) tradition of Eeyore’s Birthday.

Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Kevin McKinnerney

Austin’s most badass ladies have outfits that are a blast to rock—if you can skate. Wear a helmet and pads with a black tank top, a tiny skirt, fishnets and skates but don’t forget to give yourself a tough, punny name and exude plenty of ’tude.

Willie Nelson
Long white braids, a white beard/mustache and a red bandana aren’t the only accessories needed to transform into the grandfather of outlaw country. Let's just say that this ensemble is wacky tobacky optional, but encouraged.

Photograph: Shutterstock

What are your Halloween costume plans for this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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